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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By SEO Leaders

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, January 11th, 2014


Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By SEO Leaders

In today’s topsy turvy life, it isn’t easy being a leader in the economy. The massive changes in technology and the way customers are adapting to it has completely transited the business. Now, the barriers between online and offline businesses have blurred. Moreover, capital alone is no more remain a decisive in deciding success. Google’s various offerings produce a huge opportunity for both b2b and b2c customers alike. Even small companies and stores are dependent on the google because customers flock there. Hiring an expert SEO consultant is no longer remains an optional thing because it is now become mandatory. Hiring an expert consultant can be the most valuable investment for your business.

Let’s find out which mistakes should be avoided by SEO leader bring more traffic, attract more leads, which will finally culminate into sales.

Being stuck in the past technique- You may agree that the digital ecosystem is continuously changing. If you are doing the same thing which you’ve done in last year also, you’re missing the big business benefits which you can claim through effective SEO.

SEO Take ways to consider-

  • You should invest in analytic. It is advised to do a proper planning for tomorrow after knowing exactly where you stand today.
  • You should build actionable dashboards in analytic tool. Keep only useful business information that you can act upon. How effectively you are performing? How successfully you are accomplishing economic and strategic goals? It is important to focus on what makes you more effective and not just getting traffic.
  • You should hire an external consultant who can help you in concentrating on vital things. If 10 people are coming on your website but only 3 are buying then you should find out why rest are not converting. You should focus on what makes you more effective instead of only relying on generating traffic.
  • It is not a wise decision to spend money on those things which you can’t measure. It is advised to track and analyse the value of everything on which you have spend money.

 Managing everything without leads-

For leaders, the challenge arises when they need to decide where to stop. As a leader, you have a complete view of the entire business. You completely understand how different components come and weave together. It is crucial to orchestrating them so that they perform in sync.

SEO take ways to consider-

  • It is advised to hire the services of a SEO person. The field of SEO is complex and it involves detailed insight and knowledge into different disciplines. You may not be having complete information of this but your SEO expert is having.
  • Give enough space to the expert and don’t indulge into over interference. When your involvement is necessary, your SEO consultant will ask for your help.

 Short term plan and budgeting-

Many SEO leaders commit the mistake of underestimating the importance of SEO, thinking it is only required to rank sites higher on search engines. But in reality, it is much more than that. Also, SEO is never a cost as it is an investment.

SEO take ways to consider-

  • You should re-evaluate how you will plan to use SEO services. For many businesses, SEO acts as as the major revenue contributor. Yet, it has been seen that it only gets a very small fraction of the marketing budget. When you will increase your SEO budget, you can easily achieve your goals faster.
  • Though, costing is an important consideration but too much focus on pricing will not generate any results. While, low cost SEO providers may only give you one route, it may turn out to be very costly and complicated in the long run
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