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Online Marketing Strategy For Beauty & Style Industry – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, April 8th, 2013



Whether it is about measuring the return of investment on your social media efforts or saving your dying business with the help of social media, it is important to have a well-planned social media marketing strategy in order to sustain in the online business.

Social Media Strategy Tips For Beauty & Style Industry

Social Media is gaining popularity like wildfire, with different websites like facebook, youtube, twitter, etc., are growing by leaps and bounds. The beauty industry has clearly understood the importance of social media and therefore, successfully using this platform to expand their customer base. Many reputed beauty companies have already joined the bandwagon and are immensely leveraging social media to connect and engage with consumers, thereby building more strong relations. In the recent past, digital media has taken beauty and style industry to an all new level.

For instance, there is an online consumer who wants to buy a new eye-liner. It is usually a tendency of web users that they mainly click on top three search engine results and then enter different words to get new results. So, it is necessary that your company should rank high on search engines with those specific keywords like eye-liner in order to increase more traffic and generate sales.

Below are some crucial tips which will guide you in creating a viable social media strategy for the beauty industry.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): With the online presence of so many beauty services and products, you may find it difficult to attract clients for your business. As a result, simply having a website is not enough. In order to make your presence felt in the online world, your website should be highly visible to your target class. Search engine optimization (SEO) can give you highly visible online presence. With the help of SEO, you can promote your website with highly targeted and visible keywords that can engage your potential clients.
  2. Social Sharing: There are varied networks, like, facebook through which consumers can share their purchases. This not only give more exposure to your brand but also increases the chances that other users will explore your products and have you top-of-mind whenever they want to buy a new beauty item. The sense of a personal recommendation builds trust and confidence in your brand. 
  3. Pinterest- It is a valuable social media tool that collects and organizes things which you love. Its a complete visual treat as consumers can create boards for diversified styles they like, such as make-up related items, kitchen recipes, etc. For beauty industry, Pinterest can do wonders as it bolsters the sharing & re-pinning of photos, thereby increasing the possibility of them spreading throughout the world merely in few mouse clicks. It is also possible to link photos to the websites and blogs.


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