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A Crucial Guide On Tips To Increase Website Ranking On Google – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, November 22nd, 2013

A Crucial Guide On Tips To Increase Website Ranking On Google:

It goes without saying that web masters know the importance of search engine optimization and how to increase website ranking on Google search engine rankings. Getting a high Google ranking is imperative to the success of a business in this internet driven world. Savvy entrepreneurs clearly understand that search engine optimization is crucial to increase website ranking. So, instead of letting your Google website ranking go down, use below tips to boost your SEO efforts.

Write effective content

You want that your content should reach to the top pages of the search engine and to achieve that it is important to have high quality and authoritative content. The most effective way to make sure that your content will be seen in this way is to create content that is always useful and disposable. Your content should be such that which people would be interested in reading 20 years from now, so that you earn backinks.

Keep an eye on online profiles

Your online reputation says a lot about your company. Take out some time to login to each of your company’s online profile. Is your company’s biography is updated? Is your website’s URL carefully listed somewhere? Though, incoming links earn from these profiles may not weigh too much in Google’s algorithm but it is a nice idea to keep your online accounts always updated.

Take the help of an expert professional

It is always a nice idea to hire a search engine optimization company or specialist to frame a viable strategy to increase website ranking. The Google’s algorithm update has made the SEO process more cumbersome, so it is always good to hire a SEO company who has a knack of understanding. Look for companies or individuals with years of experience and keep a close watch on the performance via reports, etc.

Encourage guest post

Make sure you are creating presence of your company via guest blogging. With the help of guest blogging, you can earn links.

Leverage video marketing

Video has become an inseparable part of digital marketing. Not only video gives your company an impressive personality but it can easily be spread across different social media networks. Create good videos with informative content and distribute it across different platforms.

Frequent updation on your website

The more often you update your website, the more importance you will get in the eyes of Google. When you will regularly publish content in your blog, Google will considered you as a great source of information. With every blog post, you will get a chance to come high on search engine ranking.

Choose right set of keywords

Make sure your headlines are descriptive and you are choosing only those keywords that people would most probably search for.

Take benefit of local business listing

Are you a local business listing? If yes then make sure you have claimed your listing on Google, Bing, Yahoo. When you will list your business, you will witness a huge jump in online traffic of your business.

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Matt Cutts Talks Google Panda Basics – Make Sure You’ve Got Quality Content

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, November 7th, 2013


Matt Cutts Talks Google Panda Basics: Make Sure You’ve Got Quality Content:

Google has recently rolled out the Panda update and there are quite a number of online websites that has been affected with this update as far as ranking is concerned. According to Matt Cutts, it has focused mainly on the quality of content and sites which are getting SEO by posting the bulk content on the web without even checking its quality is getting adversely affected.

Matt says, there have been several versions of Panda update rolled out in last couple of years. But, now we have done something new and it’s the data refresh and we have got the new data. We are getting good results with mean sites dropped their rankings and sites with extremely high quality and valuable content are getting higher rankings with Google search engine rankings.

Google has done well as far as getting hold on low quality content. As its only the data refresh, so the lesser number of webmasters are going to be affected.

What to Do

But, if you hit with this update, what you have to do?

First of all, you need to check on the content quality you are posting on your own website or may it be used for SEO purpose. Check whether the content provided is really worth off and it actually valuable enough to readers to make them engaged in reading the stuff.

You can check out the Google Webmaster Tool to see if there are any alerts displayed. Firstly, make confirm whether it is Panda that make your affected or something else that affect your search engine rankings.

Make sure that you are getting the quality rich and compelling content. If you are outsourcing the content, make sure that it is not copied at all and it must give user the something new that he wants to read.

You only have to post content online that has that much quality that can easily qualify to get back with more reads and views or readers may refer it to their friends.

‘It must be your overriding goal’.

When you have gone up to create the content, stick on the topic for which you are writing. Post content on the topic which is not already available on the web and it will give you to accomplish your objective to drive more traffic on your site.

“Content is King” is always right, when it is to improve rankings or to boost the popularity of your online business.

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How Mobile SEO Can Increase Value for Offline Business in ROI Terms – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, October 18th, 2013

Advantages Of Offering Mobile SEO Services To Offline Business:

By offering SEO services to offline businesses you can earn lot of moolah. If you have a clear knowledge how to drive traffic to a website and get ranking in search engines, there are various other offline businesses that could actually use your expertise and do well.

Get Mobile SEO customers-

It is quite easy to get local SEO clients. You should first start by searching for different types of businesses in your area. You should make use of search keywords based upon area and business type. What will come on the top page of search engine result pages will be those businesses in your area which are getting best SEO. You should create a list of these businesses. Then you should work towards doing similar search on your smart phone.

When you will succeed in doing this, you should narrow your list down to only those businesses that are enjoying a viable online presence but are not getting a good mobile presence. These all are the businesses which you will approach.

The main benefit here is that they fully understand the value of these SEO services which they are offering. They even don’t realize that local search is a big thing on mobile devices.

Sell your services-

Before knocking the door of any businesses, it is important to know exactly which services you’re going to give them. For instance, you may be interested to offer website designing along with SEO. It’s entirely your call but it is important to clearly define what you will do for your clientele base. Otherwise, they may ask you to do those things which are beyond your service area.

You must also create a presentation. You should write a small speech to make use as a sales pitch. The chances are high that they won’t understand the importance of a mobile website which is SEO optimized, so it becomes important to make them understand. You should dig up some relevant facts and statistics.

It is also a nice idea to put together a demo to show them exactly how your website will look like. You should show them their website on a mobile and tell them how you can help them. Instead of just telling them, it is a nice idea to show them.

Last but not the least, in order to get a positive response, you should position yourself as a mobile marketing expert. In this way, you can project yourself as a credible person on whom the client can completely rely.

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Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, October 18th, 2013


Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance:

It has been seen that searcher locality influence regular search results for nearly every query. As this location is auto-detected and therefore, it is not possible to omit it from a search. You will be able to change it to another location within your nation.

Even very generic searches are affected in different ways. Due to this reason, local links are getting more importance also when it comes about your important keywords. In order to dominate a search theme for every visitor from different location, you should add city-specific pages and texts to your website which will enhance your chances.

So, what is the meaning of local link building and how can you acquire locally relevant links? Let’s find out.

Indulge in local building to get location relevance:

It is pertinent to address location relevance city-by-city. There are some cities which have a positive impact on their neighbouring cities and therefore, it is important to first focus on the larger cities. When you decide to google for only a city name, you will get results like:

You can copy your strategy on a service in one city with the same service in other city. Some of the examples are-

  1. Sponsor some local events- It is true that bigger events can bring more link value but their sponsorship can become very costly. Smaller events become happy with your sponsorship and they even don’t realize that they have brought some easy to grasp content like local link value for you.
  2. Start buying old campaign websites- Local government gets linked to information campaigns which are no longer active. You should contact the owner and try to get the control over the link value.

Become local:

Even if you are offering your products/services nationwide, Google has made it clear that being local helps in increasing ranking. You should take all necessary steps to cover the most important cities. Take all crucial measures to go local!

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