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Technique Of Setting Up New Facebook Reports

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, August 1st, 2013



Recently, Facebook has made an announcement about a change to reports that is slowly being rolled out to accounts. To find it, look it in your Ads Manager soon!

At first glance, you may get confused with this new reports layout as you may don’t know from where you should start and how to take out a basic performance report. For now, advertisers are allowed to use the old reporting interface, but here we’ll guide you on setting up your first report.



Facebook has already given advertisers the preset column selections based on ad types. To get quick reports on offsite ads, select the Offsite column set. Are you promoting a post from your page? Choose Page column set.

By selecting edit columns, add personalized metrics to your report.

High-level report for Offsite Ads (Ads That Go to Your Website):

In case of reports like these, there’s nothing fancy. This is just the report to check when the boss asks: “How much budget we have spent on the winter Sale campaign?” or when you’re keeping a close watch on the success of the campaigns.

Columns & Order:

Here, the amount of columns is mainly the perfect size to fit in your browser without any requirement to scroll horizontally and gives advertisers vital numbers at a high-level.

High-level report for social advertisements (Page Post Ad, Page Ad, etc):

Because there are many such actions which users could take from ad units, which in turn are built from updates to pages (like, page post ad), the chances are high that these reports could get a bit out of hand, and there are some metrics which may be useful to you in comparison b to others-

Columns & Order:

In-Depth Reports – Offsite Ads:

These in-depth reports are those kind of which we’d pull, format into an imperative table and then send along to clients.

New Reports Means Less Ads for Some!

Facebook has come up with new metrics which advertisers can easily pull in any report. Earlier, much of this data was in varied reports advertisers had to pull along with the performance report. The ability to perfectly analyze performance of ads on the basis of varied parameters like age, gender, country, etc.,means that some advertisers don’t need to create additional targeting segments in order to test these variables.


Lifetime date range- Usually, there’s no other easy way to see the lifetime stats of campaigns or your account. However, advertisers can manually go back by using the custom date range.

Insufficiency of total numbers- Unfortunately, the new reporting feature in Facebook doesn’t permit you to choose a report and see the total numbers without making any change in the “X day(s) per row” to “All days.” Though it is easy to adjust but it would be useful to see a complete summary without any extra click.

Filters- The filter feature is quite limited and it would be good if this feature had more operator functions, like ‘contains’ or ‘begins with’, etc. However, it is useful that facebook’s filters copies what the advertisers type initially after choosing the first campaign, making the process less laborious as it may look first.

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Matt Cutts Remarks On Multiple Domain Names

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, August 1st, 2013



In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, eminent Engineer Matt Cutts highlights the topic of the proper way of handling multiple domains.

Should you decide to link them altogether?

Earlier, it was quite a common thing to see that one website is linking to 20 or 30 different related websites. But in most of these cases, the websites were quite spammy. And this is the one caveat that Matt Cutts has brought up in its video. Cutts said that if there are multiple websites you want to link together then you would be requiring a valid reason to be linking them together, otherwise it will be called spammy.

Why do you need 20 domain names that in your view should be all cross-linked?

Cutts mentioned about the only situation when this kind of solution is effective is if you’re linking different country website for the same company together. But even then, he said that you should do it in such a manner that won’t be considered as a spamming,

This means instead of inserting 30 footer links to all the varied locations, find an effective way to do this. Cutts said, “If you have 20 domain names and they’re all versions of the domain in different countries, such as,, it can make a lot of sense to be able to get from one version of the domain to a different version. But even then I probably wouldn’t link all the domains all in the footer all by themselves because that’s a little bit strange.” He added further, “I’d probably have one link to a country locator page, which might even be on the main .com, that might have flags or something like that so there are ways to get to those other domains. And as long as there is a good way for users to get there than search engines will be of the follow those links as well. Just make sure their normal static HTML and we will be able to follow them and PageRank will be able to flow.”

According to Cutts, having multiple country domains is the valid reason why someone should link to multiple website in a footer legitimately. It is advisable to keep everything within the same domain in order to safeguard yourself from mass cross linking and prevent any wide cross linking schemes between websites, unless it is something related to the location issue.

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How Earned, Paid and Owned Media Helps to Get Better SEO Results Faster

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 19th, 2013



Due to some crazy reasons, marketers and others tasked with the work of increasing brand awareness, have started believing that investments in search engine optimization (SEO), public relations (PR), outbound marketing, or advertising, work independently. In fact, there are many such brands which are managing these functions without any integrated planning and execution. Due to this, most of the enormous opportunities for effectively orchestrate these efforts for maximum impact get lost,most especially organic search.


Because it has been proved by many studies theeffectiveness of organic search in reaching new audiences, many will neglect the integrated approach for putting all their eggs in the SEO basket and thus, missing out on the most crucial way to leverage that investment.

Owned media and SEO:

Here, owned media encompasses of varied assets the brand maintains control and management of. Like, website, blogs, social media profiles, mobile applications, guest blogs, etc. So, anything which you can ‘put out there’ without grabbing eyeballs qualifies as owned media.

Optimization of owned media is crucial:

If any of these assets isn’t optimized for search then it means you are going on the wrong path. Why? Web users (your clients) do the searching in places beyond the changing environment of search engines google, yahoo and bing, where the brand is competing for visibility. They also find you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc., where it is important that your brand should engaged in those topics which are relevant to your unique selling proposition.

Key point- The more places where the search engines find your brand, the more authority you will earn, which helps in increasing visibility and also contributes in search engine ranking.

Social media and search:

Social plays an imperative role in search. Search engines, especially Google, do not disclose exactly what queues their algorithms take from varied factors. The expert SEO professionals are continually testing, observing, and validating in order to come up with proactive search engine optimization methods, not just following other’s rule book.

Search engines have each published enough about how they see the “quality website”, social media and content in order to justify an integrated approach. We can thus take help from these entities.

Lead and not act as a follower:

In search, it is important to be a leader, rather than a follower. Those people who are actively finding opportunities in search, they will always be ahead of others when it comes about searching.

If you are engaged into the business of developing, testing, and analyzing performance trends of varied SEO methods, it pays to align yourself with those who are on the leading edge of the industry.

You have to determine that whether you will abide to white hat SEO techniques or take risks by following black hat SEO. Either way, the search will continue to include all digital assets and behaviour.

Earned media:

Majority of consumers around the world say that they rely on earned media, like recommendations received from friends and family. The more love you can attract from your customers, the more authoritative your brand becomes to clients and to search engines.

Social sentiment is quite a serious business:

Many times, you’ve heard this old adage, ‘ “It doesn’t matter what they are saying as long as they are spelling my name correct.” This may you find true in the public relations world, if you only want to attract eyeballs. And at the same times, it is true in search also. But nowadays, time has recently changed.

What your audience is saying about your brand is as important as who is saying it. How search engines leverage sentiment in search remains is still not clear. However, you can be assured that sentiment is important.

Optimization is important:

Social media may be known to be one of the most crucial channels to earn favor with audiences. However, the relation between social media and owned assets greatly influence search the most.

On-site reviews, comments, photo sharing, conversations along with Facebook Likes, Google +1′s, and bookmarking of the website and its content (owned media) will have major impact on the quality of a website in the eyes of search engines. It is important to write good content to get maximum exposure from social platforms. It is also needed to tightly integrate and strategically planned in order to extract benefits and gain top position in search.

People usually overlook the aspects of social media optimization (SMO). Usually, most of the marketers are either un-informed or un-interested and therefore, are not tapping benefits of social to build qualified audiences. This needs the social media marketer to think like an SEO and makes use of right keywords and phrases to benefit the brand. Since most marketers have insufficient information on SEO, they miss this opportunity.

Optimization is a crucial part of each social media profile, posts and comments which are there on social platforms. It is incumbent upon the brand to clearly detail the conversation and tone, generating the content for audiences that sparks engagement, favorable reaction and sharing.

Media Planning - EBriks Infotech

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Tips To Make Videos To Generate More Quality Links

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 15th, 2013



Videos can proved to be costly and time-consuming investment. Specially for small businesses, the total cost of producing video will always need to weighed against other marketing investments. The sad part of the story is that video is tough to sell, especially when it is a daunting task to predict the ROI from its significant expense.

Let’s find out some useful ways through which you can use videos to augment and enhance link-building activity-

By making use of video as a media type within interactive content-

By making use of YouTube to build links:

Make use of videos for improving and augmenting page types-

Have a viable blogging strategy-

Boost PR activity with video news release

Content type which you are required- Video news releases play useful role in any PR campaign, since they attract interests of journalists. Generally, reporters have shortage of the time and therefore, they cannot add interest element into each story, but with a video release, you can complete the half the work for them. All editors need to do with a video news release is put together a supporting paragraph & then embed the video and click the publish.

Technical implementation required- You should always host your video news releases on YouTube, since most of the websites embed YouTube videos on their website and they also know how to get an embed code from a video on


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