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Commit SEO Mistakes At Your Own Risk

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, August 5th, 2014

Keep below SEO mistakes in mind in order to ensure that you do not repeat it while devising a digital marketing plan-

Thinking keyword research is the only market research that you need to do

There are various factors behind the existence of your target market. In order to become successful with long-term SEO, it is indispensable to comprehend your target market. Keyword research is a crucial step taking towards understanding the target market and the search intent. It is advise to avoid the trap of one and done keyword research and therefore, you should include targeted market research an imperative part of your ongoing process. Your keyword universe will become vast and that will help in improving content quality also.

Ignoring latest search engine updation

The field of SEO keeps on changing. It is important that you should be extensive in your approach and flexible enough in your abilities to remain fiercely competitive in the internet world, where things change in a blink of an eye. If you fail to pay attention to the latest happenings and future happenings, you may lose vital points. Regularly follow Google, Bing and attend conferences to stay updated.

Doing link building with an objective to manipulate organic search results

There is nothing wrong in doing link building but legitimate businesses should completely understand that manipulative link practices are no longer required, especially if you are a new entrant in the business. So beyond having only great products, it is essential to maximize your marketing efforts to catch social media attention and natural incoming links. You should devote maximum time in creating quality content that can generate natural links and share it with current customers who might share it well.

Not understanding the real business value

To survive in the online world, it is important to understand the true value of what you are offering and how you can present it in an informative way. If you fail to understand the real value of your business to the market and haphazardly believe that you deserve better chances, you may find yourself constantly looking here and there for making big things to happen without taking into account any future effects. So it is crucial that you understand your real share of market. What is the perception of the people about your products and services in the market? You can check this through google analytics also.

Not hiring in-house person specialized in SEO and content marketing

You may need someone who can diligently perform targeted market research and carefully audit your website, incoming links and do social interactions. It is advised to hire this person in-house.

Copying the rival’s work plan

It’s naive to assume your rival’s plans will work for you. You should invest your time and money on evaluating your strengths because you are more interested in building a long-term plan. You should also indulge into competitive research to figure out your position in the market. It is a good practice of learning from rivals but stay away from copying their plans.

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A Viable Strategic SEO Approach For New Clients

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 24th, 2014

If you are planning to start a new SEO project or is interested in checking the progress of ongoing projects, it is useful to follow the below approach.

1. Do the Keyword Research Brainstorming-

It is possible to start doing your keyword researching by doing a lot of brainstorming. You can involve your clients and take their suggestions also because in this way, you will be able to get their views. Also, companies tend to think from an industry point of view and choose those keywords that their potential clients never use.

2. Search Volume - 

Make use of Google’s adword planner to search for most suitable keywords which have high search volume. Even you can search for new keywords ideas.

Check  Conversion Rrates

You should then add do estimations for conversion rate and value which will help in making your search volumes more useful for strategic choices. If no concurrent data is available, then you can do it on a guessing work also, like guess top 5 keywords which are more relevant to your services.

Test Crucial Assumptions

It is important that keywords from your research should be having high search volume and high conversion rate with a discrete amount of efforts.

Do A Relevance Test

It is advised to do conversion rate assumptions on the basis of conversion rates, which you already have on your current search traffic. If you are not clear about those certain keywords that are similar enough to current traffic, then you should use Adwords traffic which will allow you to test your message and also landing page on different real searchers.

The conversion rate on your search ad is a nice idea to test your message. The bounce rate on a landing page tells whether the visitor like your page or not. Moreover, every click towards the potential conversion helps in increasing the quality and value of the search traffic.

3. Formulate Growth Strategy - 

For step 1 & 2 keywords, the viable strategy would be to create the required number of pages or integrate keywords in existing pages. It is important to judiciously use keyword combinations because that will boost your writing and link building efforts.

However, if you find abundant keywords in your above two steps which need to be addressed, then you should start creating pages for those. It is important to note that you should always use those keywords which you can rank along with your current links. Link building is easy to earn once you have written, relevant and SEO friendly content that includes all important keywords.

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How SEO and Content Marketing work Unanimously?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 9th, 2014

When we discuss about online marketing, it is imperative to catch the attention of people and search engines. In order to ensure that it takes an impeccable approach, it is essential to focus on both search engine optimization and content marketing.

While both go together, however, simple creation of content will not take care of your SEO needs. It is crucial to do more to attain online presence. SEO helps businesses in casting a wider net, while content marketing converts traffic into sales.

Essentials of content marketing

While content marketing should be SEO driven, it is important that this aspect of marketing should take substantial steps to keep audience engaged. Below are some of the content marketing related platforms-


Social media

Web page content


Info graphics.

It is imperative to think for a long-term about the strategy you want to use for your business in order to create content. Businesses should spend a considerable time for creating their website. This is one area of high visibility but it is usually the content written on different pages that will induce a customer to buy a particular product. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to reach out to audience on a regular basis. It is an incredible way for businesses to publish articles on a regular basis that appeal to people. Video also enjoys high visibility. It is indispensable to devise a content strategy that plays crucial role in your business. Make sure to pave focus on your target audience. Do they enjoy social media presence? Will they interested in knowing tips and tricks that you can share in your blog?

SEO expands customer base

Your SEO efforts will help in supporting your content marketing. SEO encompasses a wide range of activities, which are designed for generating more visibility. Some of the SEO related tasks include-

Implement the correct Google Authorship markup.

Make sure that the website is correctly indexed by all search engines.

Make sure that the website is correctly coded in an SEO friendly style and meta descriptions, alt tag, title tags are in proper order.

Creation of keyword-driven content strategy that helps in engaging your audience and will also expand business visibility.

Carefully monitoring website analytics in order to ensure that the site is receiving visibility.

In a nutshell, SEO is the groundwork that offers support to rest of the marketing efforts by making sure that your business remains visible and relevant in the online world. Both content and SEO marketing are important and therefore, businesses should judiciously use both.

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Is your content not contributing to lead generation? Follow below useful tips to generate results

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, January 29th, 2014

Do you need more leads?

Are you looking for creative ways to use your blog content to improve your conversion process? Are you searching for creative ways to use your blog content for improving your conversion process?Let’s find out how you’ll identify the problematic areas and will look for the right way to write content.

How content generates leads?

Written content works in different ways. Some writing attracts your audience and builds awareness. Other content helps in building trust and compels your audience to take any action. In other words, content can be used for strengthening digital marketing strategy.

What follows below are the many tips to help you generate leads with your written content-

Raise awareness:

If your conversion rate from visitors into leads is fine but your traffic is low then there are some tactics that should be followed to increase your overall traffic-

  1. Include search engine friendly content- Traffic drives from search engine is a viable way to attract high traffic. So, it is important that you align your web content with key phrases. Before writing any content, it is advisable to research about keywords that relate to your products/services and write your content around those.
  2. Start writing guest blog posting
  3. Guest blogging on external websites gives three benefits. First, when you post on blogs other than your own, it helps in expanding your social presence. Next, the links help in improving your link popularity and your website more likely to rank high on search engines.
  4. Share content
  5. It is pertinent to share everything you publish across all your networks. Once you publish a blog post, create a supporting video in support of it and post it on you tube. Then convert it into a presentation and put it also on slide share.
  6. Publishing link posts- It’s a fact that some posts enjoy more clicks than others. Also numbered lists receive more clicks because they help in setting an expectation with potential visitors and are more organized.

Encourage people’s consideration:

The aim of your content marketing strategy should be to:

  1. Educate people
  2. Engage reader’s attention

Persuade visitors to go deeper in order to subscribe to your email newsletter and follow you on social media platforms.

If you website has few shares, if traffic from campaigns is low in contrast to expectation and your email list isn’t flourishing or very few visitors returning to the website, it clearly indicates that the middle of your content strategy is weak. Try below tactics and create a stronger content-

Write only detailed posts/pages- How to-posts strongly position your brand and visitors also love them. How-to’s are the posts that persuade visitors to subscribe and follow, and these actions help in repeating visitors.

  1. Cover all topics related to content- Ask yourself, if you’ve missed out the vital piece of information in the given content. If yes then write those pages and link them to the related pages on the website.
  2. Collaboration with important contributors- It is crucial to partner with people whom your audience relies. So, it is useful to contribute to relevant blogs and invite other relevant contributors to contribute to your website. This kind of collaboration helps in strengthening the perception of your brand.

Drive action:

The aim of your content marketing strategy should be to:

  1. Convert suspects into prospects
  2. Establish trust factor
  3. Initiate conversation

If the conversion rate on your website is low and if your site doesn’t have a daunting lead generation process then it means the problem is probably with your content. Below tactics will persuade your visitors to action-

  1. Tell stories that shows your business values- Take your time and write stories that tell people why you want to do it. The story should tell people you care and why the work you do makes a difference.
  2. Publish content that tells the most common sales question- For every prospect who asks a questions, there may be 100 others who didn’t bother to reach out to you. So, you should listen to those common questions and publish the articles in an FAQ section on your website.
  3. Write articles to deal with specific prospects- Is there a section of potential clients who are not ready to sign your proposal? Do they have some particular concerns? So, write a case study or white paper that addresses their concerns.
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