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SEO Cleanse & Rejuvenate Ideas For New Year 2014 – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, January 11th, 2014

SEO Cleanse & Rejuvenate Ideas For New Year:

The year is coming to an end and it gives you a great time to check that whether your website needs an SEO cleanser or not. Let’s have a look on crucial things which need to be done in order to improve quality-

Fix up errors in web master tools:

In both google web master tools and bing web master tools, you can see diagnostic reports listing errors on the website. Both the search engines will alert you about technical issues which they have monitored, which will also diminish visibility. Here, you should note that search engine bot is not smarter than you and you should do everything in your power in order to clean up all crawl and HTML errors and be sure to fix any content issue, like duplicate content, etc.

Make a regular updation of your CMS, modules & templates, plug-ins:

You should check that whether your content management system is up to date or not? Are you making use of structured data and current search engine tags? You should update your content management system (CMS) and plug-in. Make sure to carefully review each of your update in order to know whether it works in accordance to SEO functionality or not and figure out whether or not you are required to give additional information or not.

If the plug-in is not updated from the last six months then you should visit CMS listing or webpage in order to see if it is still under the development. It has been seen that plug-in authors tend to be less attentive than CMS publishers, therefore, it is crucial to keep a close watch on them. If you have found that plug ins discontinue or appear abandoned then it is advised to find an alternative.

If your website is using CMS templates then it is worthwhile to make sure that they are utilizing the newest SEO features which your CMS is offering.You should make sure that some mark-up has been done at the content level.

Social media links:

Do your web pages are linking to the important social media profiles? Are these links prominent? An active social media customer would be more inclined towards sharing, linking, sharing and tweeting your content, which in turn can lead to traditional off-site. It is always good to add crucial social media links where appropriate, like google+, facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc. You should link prominently on those webpages where your visitors will likely to see, like at the top of the page or sidebar. Make use of familiar icons in order to keep the page space concise and favourable.

Regular updation of your content plan:

There is a concrete reason of why content marketing is becoming popular. Search engines always prefer to use high quality content that can satisfy all queries. Also, many of your business pages which you want to rank are not also link worthy. If you will regularly publish a link worthy content then it will help in growing your brand awareness, links and site traffic. In order to write an effective content copy, you should write less about your products/services and should give more emphasis on what your customers want to achieve. You should pave more focus on creating brand value and spreading awareness.

Clearly organize links & social partners:

It has been seen that link building efforts are considered as one of the viable factors affecting the search engine rankings. One of the crucial ways to get links on social media and blogs is to create a link posse. Here, you should note that link posse is a group of content creators that help in getting genuine opportunities and also play a crucial role in linking to each other’s content. In order to organize a link posses, you should begin with natural relationships. When you talk about cross linking, it is advised to ignore blatant reciprocal linking. You should not link to each other’s home page and don’t link to every blog post which is created by your family members.

Proper review of SEO tools:

  • You should make sure that you’re maximizing the most of your SEO and analytic tools
  • It is advised to review your reports & tracking and you should update it as appropriate
  • You should be familiar with all the changes in the SEO tools which you are using
  • Have you carefully checked out the other SEO tools which are there in the market?
  • SEO tools change and so should you. You should never fall into the trap of keeping the exact report format just to maintain the consistency. More importantly, comparing against the past will help you in taking the best decision.

You should check that whether your goals and tracking set up are properly working or not.

Check domain registration- You should check your domain registration. It is good to renew your domain before it gets expired.

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