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SEO future in 2013 – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 28th, 2012

Looking into the changes brought by Google in its search engine algorithm in 2012, one can easily conclude that new horizons have been given to SEO future in the coming year. It would lay more stress on the fair SEO Marketing practices, focusing more on high quality content, social marketing, etc. The convergence of social media marketing, content marketing and SEO would surely be helpful in gaining online brand awareness.

New advertising techniques are coming up and capturing market. SEO is one of the key marketing tools that are must for online brand recognition. In 2012, there were certain new updates brought in by search engines to improve upon the searches performed. These updates have given new horizons to SEO future in 2013, where the practice of fair means would be lot helpful to marketers. This year would focus more on users, with complete dependency on content marketing, collaborative technology and social media. There would be a new way to think and utilize SEO and social media strategy and technology.

The changes brought in the way Google searches the information are meant to solve issues regarding users’ trust. These changes have badly affected the sites, following bad SEO practices and using unfair means to gain traffic.

High quality relevant content would, no doubt, be much of use. The changes, like Panda and Google’s SSL, have fomented many SEO to change the way they work with continuous focus on quality content, social networking, etc. these changes represent the convergence of search and social media, strategy and tactics. Social signals on pages have become the part of search engine optimizations techniques. Inbound marketers also take the advantage of convergence of social media, content marketing and SEO.

There is a major percent of growth expected in 2013 in every field of SEO, including page optimization, social media, content marketing, etc. SEO would be built around circles of social link building strategies. High quality content is needed to be made sharable through alliance across different social networks.

SEO needs to have strong foundation, where the small changes in the search engine algorithm could not have negative effects on the ranking of website. It can only be done, when the content is designed to offer useful and valuable information to readers and not just keyword rich pages for SEO. The convergence of SEO, content and social media with developmental improvements would maximize the opportunities for SEO companies. This convergence would lead to customers’ interaction and offering industries the best marketing strategy with high return over investment for them. It would definitely improve the productivity and efficiency.

There is a need for SEO professionalsto turn up and take on to help business owners improve upon their ranking and increase their traffic through continuous efforts and provide users the best available information. A lot depends upon the way you work and the tools you use. Adopt the right approach and the online marketing would fetch you good results, for sure.


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