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How to do A/B Testing – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013



A/B testing is deemed to be much helpful in testing changes done on a current page. It helps a person in knowing which changes would produce positive results. Using such techniques could help a improving a conversion rate a person could make sure that the change with positive result in implemented.

A/B testing is carried out to test changes done to a page against current designs and check out the ones that produce positive results. It is a method to check out if a change in any element of webpage or new design is improving conversion rate or not. Such testing takes out the perception from website optimization and helps take data-backed decisions, which help businesses to grow.  One can measure the impact that the changes can have on metrics like sign-ups, purchases, downloads, etc.  It allows you to ensure that the change with positive result is implemented.

A/B testing present two versions of the same page to a visitor and let them know the winner. Testing and optimizing website pages on regular basis could help you increase revenue, download and user-generated content. It effective nature allows it to hot the mainstream. The wide availability of tools has made it easy and inexpensive to run.

Let’s discuss the tips that can help you A/B test work like a badass.

  1. Test Your Software: It is important to test the control against the control to check whether the software is accurate or inaccurate.
  2. Minimize Friction: these are the elements that slow down conversions. One should look for these elements immediately. A few of them are form fields, process step, page length, etc.
  3. Clarity Trumps Persuasion: the content on the page should be simple and clear, passing reader information, where he or she is in the sale process. The things that visitor need to do should be clear. The value proposition should also be clear.
  4. Interview for Insights: It is important for A/B badass to collect the facts and feedback and to learn what the customer has to say about it. One should check out how the customer walks out of the landing page.
  5. Learn from Pricing Takeaways: you need to nail down the acceptable price. it is not just about the numbers, but customers care more about the value that is provided to them , behind the price.
  6. Learn from Higher Prices: It is never sure that low price would drive in more sales or raising price would decrease sale. Instead, the price should match the value provided to customers.
  7. Test Social Features: One should check out whether to include social buttons on product pages or not. It may decrease the sale in some cases.

Likewise, there are many such tips, like lowering AdWords position, testing all best practices, never ignoring conversion trinity, etc, which should be taken into consideration.

Ab Testing VS Usability Testing - EBriks Infotech

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