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7 Underused Tactics to Increase E-Commerce Website Conversion Rates

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

It is not going to be much difficult to increase conversion on your website.  Only two major principles are required to make money in Ecommerce. They are, getting people to your storefront and make them to but from your storefront. But in most of the cases, conversions in eCommerce is not only about making purchases but also it is going to be registration, e-mail signups, contact forms or anything else that matters. We all know that the aim of making an ecommerce website is to convert a visitor into a potential customer.  In this article, let us discuss some of the tactics to double your conversion rate. Before going to see those tactics, let us discuss about the common and known things that could increase conversions.

  1. 1. Add a trust seal to the home page and cart page

People usually like to make purchase with a legit and secure website. Therefore, it is necessary that your site should have a trust seal in it. The most preferred trust seals are BBB, TrustE, Verisign, and McAfee. A test has shown that opting these seals is a good investment for online storefronts, though they are high-priced. There is also an added benefit that you will get a backlink from these high authorized sites on registration. This will increase your website ranking in search engine results page.

  1. 2. Use Google website optimizer

You can use this Google Website Optimizer for free testing of your website. It is completely free and also it is better to go with free testing tools instead of costly tools. By using this, you can make more money.

  1. 3. Add testimonials and promotional statements to your site

When the testimonials come from recognized places, then they are worth of increasing your conversion rate. For example, if your product receive testimonial from celebrities and reputed companies, then it could a great way to increase the sale. Also testimonials from people everyday also boost up the conversion rate.

  1. 4. Update FAQs and About Us pages

Usually, when a visitor cannot find his/her answer in FAQs page, then he/she is too lazy to contact the customer service. Therefore, you should regularly update this FAQs page, so that the visitors feel more comfy with your site. Also adding true, reliable information about your company is a good way for conversion rates.

  1. 5. Run Pay Per Click ads to test the best marketing messages

Using the above mentioned step, it is very easy to find out which types of messages are welcomed by the customers. This step is very easy still effective.

  1. 6. Apply internal site research in order to obtain what customer are looking for

Your site should have internal search functions. If so, there is abundant data that can be used to rocket up your conversion rate. If you find large number of searches for items that you carry; then you should make those items more eminent. If there are searches for items that you do not carry, then you should look at offering them.

  1. 7. Initialize a remarketing campaign

This is an off-site factor. Still, it has a great influence in increasing the conversion rate of your site.


There are number of methods available to increase your sale and conversion rate. The above mentioned are only few methods which help you to move along with your sales. You can also add your own ideas to do so.


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