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Website Owners Should be Beware Of SEO Scams! – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Beware Of SEO Scams!:

Have you ever come across to so-called SEO companies guaranteeing you increase website rankings? Well, you might have because in reality there are hundreds of such people who may not give you expected positive results but can take away your hard earned money without doing too much!

Make sure you have done complete homework about the company you are going to hire forincreasing your website rankings and thoroughly check out some of the points where you need to pay heed. Make sure you don’t hire somebody with unnecessary claims-

We impart free of cost services=

In today’s materialistic world, can you believe if someone will say that they give free of cost services? Sounds unrealistic. There can be special discount or low pricing or one service may be offering free along with other services for which you’ll be charged but the entire service for free is undoubtedly a suspicious offer. One who claims to be doing this, must be doing it to win your trust in order to retrieve your information and there is no other way to do it.

We guarantee top ranking on search engine page=

The truth is no one can guarantee you top ranking on search engine. One can surely work to get high ranking on search engine but surely there’s nothing like the guarantee.

Our expertise will help you in submitting in hundreds of search engines=

This is just an impossible thing and if you will believe in it then it surely means that you are making a fool of you. First, will your target audience ever use 100 search engines? Do you know how many people make use of these search engines? Or in fact, do you know if 100 search engines really exist? The answer is nobody uses more than 2 or 3 search engines and therefore, your site only needs to be submitted at these search engines. You clearly ask the SEO company to make a list of at least 8 search engines to which they claim to submit your website.

Our connections are in Google=

This is an absolute lie. Not every company can ever have ‘connections’ at search engine giant, like google. And even if somebody has, the person at search engine giant, like, google will never indulge into any such fraudulent practice just to increase website rankings.

Our secret SEO formula can help you in getting high rank=

In order to get success in SEO, it is important to put right efforts and work diligently with great focus. And there is no short cut. If somebody is claiming to bring your website on top through its secrete SEO formula then you should never trust on them.

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