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How To Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy For B2B Businesses

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


How To Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy For B2B Businesses:

B2B stands for business to business. It means, if you are selling products or services to some other company then it means you are in B2B space. To succeed in the B2B online space, it is equally important to have a viable B2B content plans. Let’s have a look on some points which should be considered while creating your B2B content plans-

What is called effective content strategy?

First, you would be needed to define content strategy. You may have heard a lot about what constituents a good content strategy but it is equally important to have a thorough understanding of it before proceeding ahead-

What questions should come in your mind about B2B plans?

There are a number of factors which you should go into before making any move. At first, you should understand what is an effective way to sell your products and services. You should create your content strategy by keeping following points into consideration-

By framing right questions about your B2B content plans, you can save a considerable amount of time and can pave your focus more towards achieving objectives.

What type of content should you considered?

The B2B sales cycle is a lengthy process and it is totally different from a B2C cycle. In B2B, the investment is done in hundreds or thousands of dollars. A small mistake can put a person’s job at stake. B2B marketers have formed a varied content streams in order to attract customers and spread their messages. Let’s have a closer look at different types of content, how to make them effective and how to decide whether they are right or not.

Lead conversion:

Once you have earned the interest of a prospect the time has come to strengthen your relationship with them and improve their opinion about your product/service. To succeed in it, you would be needed to take the help of specific content types-

Final closure of the sale:

It is undoubtedly the difficult stage to do final closure of the sale. Once you’ve made your name in to the list of the vendors, it is important that you produce the right kind of content so that buying committee can take a right decision. You should create a one page sheet that would summarize different features, advantages and relevant specification of products/services in order to facilitate easy perusal.

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Tips To Enhance the Profitability Of Any Content – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 11th, 2013



Most site owners and businesses have a clear idea about which pages on their website are most profitable. If you have a website but you don’t know this then it is the high time that you should start to find it. There is another way through which you can make your top performing pages more profitable by giving themhigh visibility on your website. Lets’ find out how:

(1) You should move your top content on the higher up in the site structure- While doing auditing of a site’s analytic, we have often come across such pages that are generating conversions but aren’t as prominent as they could be in the website structure. These pages get more visitors from organic search. This is a big opportunity and even though when these pages are doing well, we know that they can work more better if they will be exposed higher up to the website structure. By doing this, it will be easy for your top content to come in the reach of both users and engines.

(2) Start exposing your top content on those pages which have most visits- The another way through which you can generate high revenue from your top content is that you should expose/feature it on the pages that attract high traffic on your website. By doing this, you will get more chance to come in front of more eyes, more often, which can help in increasing visits and conversions on those pages. You can find out the most viewed pages in google analytic by going to content overview and the click on the ‘view full report’ link which is there on the lower right. Then you should sort it by ‘unique page views’.

(3) Take steps to add contextual links to the top content on relevant pages- Internal linking is quite an effective method but however it is underused by SEO. When it comes to gaining high visibility, adding internal links can play an effective role in getting more exposure for your top content assets and thus help in getting high profitability. The main purpose of doing this effectively is to ensure that you have placed those links on the right content and in the proper context.

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How To Generate Business Demand Through Content Marketing?

Monday, June 3rd, 2013



Your content can play a major role in generating demand for your business. If you are wondering how it can contribute then read on the article to know the importance of good content marketing strategy in generating business demand.

How To Generate Business Demand Through Content Marketing?

Content is imperative to create business demands because it helps in driving search, social media and lead generation. In the absence of a great content, it’s difficult to communicate with an audience. Great content behaves like a magnet, which attracts people towards you. The content you create to engage your clients and prospects greatly influence your demand generation in varied ways. Let’s have a close look at how it can lead to business demand generation-


Generate leads- If you want to generate leads, your content should be well-written, relevant to consumers and support your business goals. Also, make sure it is promoted effectively to your present clientele base,  prospect customers database and those who are in your targeted demographic area.

It becomes important to include forms on web landing pages that encourage subscribers to register and give contact information in order to get the free content. You should keep the form as short as possible because asking too many questions reduce the number of people seeing your content.


Nurturing leads- This all involves how you will keep or nurture your conversation or an ongoing relationship with your prospects. The content you create, plays an important role here by giving you an avenue through which you can keep your dialogue process going with clients. You should optimize content for lead nurturing by keeping your content engaging, highly appealing and easy to grasp.  You should always ensure that your content gives some value to the readers.

Always, remember that you should not force anything on your prospects. If your prospects feel that they are being pressured, they will easily lose interest in you. Make use of attractive emails to generate leads and work earnestly in converting those leads into sales.


Scoring leads- In this process, marketing assess and then prioritize the interest of their prospects. As sale leads are generated, they are then identify to know which ones should be passed to the sales department. Leads can be then further segmented on the basis of demographics or behavior. Scoring is done on the basis of varied factors decided by both sales and marketing teams, like, interest level, sales readiness, etc.

To sum up, an effective content marketing strategy can help you in a long way in generating demand for your brand. However, you would be required to create multiple pieces of content that attract and engage with clients & prospects. It’s not a one time process. You should continuously try to furnish good content to your prospects whenever they need it.

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