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Make Sure You Are Not Committing These Designing Problems!

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

As a designer, it is imperative that below website design should be
such that which makes both your website search-engine and user
friendly. So let’s have a look on some common mistakes which are

committed by a designer and make sure you are not committing it-

• Failing to define goals of a company for the website.

• Failing to clear the vital performance indicators, and failing to
formulate systems for measuring the success of the website on the
basis of it.

• Designing according to client’s needs and not according to
customer’s requirements.

• Not involving and taking account other views.

• Failing to create a plan.

• Don’t pay heed to adaptive and responsive website designing.

• Failing to take into account different factors that can affect the
loading speed of a page during the planning stage and not carefully
testing speed through the entire development stage.

• Some other common mistakes encompass loading highly detailed graphs
through less viable conditions and simply downloading too many assets
without making a proper optimization of the loading conditions.

• Making use of wire frames instead of using sketches.

• Doing over-designing

• Selecting technologies instead of finding solutions. For instance,
choosing the enterprise product for divergent reasons that make it
efficient; rather than questioning whether it is suitable to solve the
particular issue or not.

• Ignoring copyrighting/content

• Designing the photo shop instead of actual webpage. While using
photo shop, one doesn’t pay attention to other crucial factors, like
screen sizes, content, interactive design, etc.

• Designing the flash file that can only be done through a flash file
instead of the SEO friendly site which has content.

• Creating the functioning website design with main focus only on one
particular browser instead of testing it on many other browsers as you

• Failing to use accessibility principles while creating and
implementing the website

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