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Digital Marketing Plan for Charity Organizations and NGO’s

Friday, May 24th, 2013



In recent times, charities have changed their way of raising donations. In the digital marketing era, it is becoming important to incorporate social media into marketing plan to get desired results. Read on to find out some of the different ways through which you can use social media in charitable organisations.

Different Ways TO Use Social Media To Raise Donation:

As a charitable organization, asking for money is a pretty daunting task. In today’s fast paced life, it is really difficult to convince people to stop and listen to you. But now, with the help of digital marketing this gruelling task can be made much easier. Let’s have a look on some basic ways through which you can effectively incorporate social media into your charity’s marketing plan to drive donations-


Also, you can choose the most touching post on your facebook page and then featured it as ‘Inspiration story of the week’. Make use of Timeline’s new pinning feature and give more visibility to your message. Since facebook is allowing you to create donate buttons, there’s no reason to ignore it.


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