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Digital Marketing Approach for Modern Consumers

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Digital marketing strategy is an emerging marketing trend that helps organizations in interacting with their customers and reshaping business goals. It looks into content marketing, social media marketing, image marketing and all those techniques that could help customers in receiving the message at the earliest.

Every now and then, you can see new updates coming around in almost every industry. Digital revolution is one such change that has immensely affected the lifestyle of people. Surfing, chitchatting, communicating, trading and shopping have all been made easier with the coming of internet. Looking into the ease offered to customers, marketers are also taking advantage of this means and coming up with different digital marketing technique to help industries gain online presence.

Likewise, digital marketing strategy has become very important in interacting with modern customers and reshaping business goals. Today, customer searches information and studies reviews about the products or services before buying the same. Marketers design in digital marketing strategy that could help organizations in spreading the message. In addition to it, various communicating strategies have also been designed to achieve easiest delivery of messages. As a result, it has turned out to be efficient and effective marketing approach.

It a multi channel approach that changes consumer perception, increases brand awareness as well as loyalty that ultimately boosts sales. Marketers should focus more in evaluating and advocating, instead of considering and buying. The significant portion of expenditure should be made to “pre-purchase” promotion to make customers aware about the product or services. While designing this approach, marketers should ponder over different touch points to ensure that customers receive the message.

All the channels, like Facebook, Twitter, apps, email promotion, etc need to look into in order to attract customers’ attention. The resources should be allocated to design content that could engage customer at every stage. The most important point that should be remembered is that it is a complete loop that mines data and uses it to create valuable and relevant content to analyze customer response. A keen observation at every step could be helpful in designing in the effective marketing approach.

Social media has turned out to be an important funnel in the complete process of buying and selling, as customers trust their family and friends more than brands and organization. Social media gives them a platform to interact and learn about the pros and cons of the related product or services. Content marketing, image marketing, info graphics, inbound marketing, etc are all important in designing a digital marketing strategy. The increased level of complexity at different stages has also increased the need for efficiency. The right approach to marketing strategies helps marketers in reducing this complexity and maintaining the needed flexibility to meet end users demands.


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Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisers – EBriks Infotech

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

For financial advisors internet is relatively an inexpensive playground to raise awareness about your products or services, which in turn finally helps in building trust. EBriks Infotech has detailed some of the crucial parameters which should be look into while building a digital marketing strategy for financial advisors.

Tips To Create Viable Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisors:

Does anyone remember how financial advisors were working before the advent of internet. From a marketing point of view, it was sheer wastage of resource and time as enormous costs were incurred in creating and printing hard-copy marketing material. Needless to say, countless man hours were wasted in knocking on doors of customers.

Today, time has certainly changed. Now, almost every independent financial advisor is having a web page, and while an increasing number of advisors are making better use of other digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, too many people still do not have any coherent digital marketing plan in place to match with their marketing strategy. Let’s have a look on four things which financial advisors should considered in order to build a viable digital marketing presence-

At the end of the day, people will do business only with those advisers whom they can trust. Earlier, getting a meeting with potential prospect perhaps meant hours of cold calling and even then it took several follow-ups to ultimately winning the business. While, establishing trust is required today also but a good digital marketing strategy can ease the entire process.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotel Industry – EBriks Infotech

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Gone are the days of marketing your hotels through newspaper or magazines. Now, more and more people are using internet for hotel reservations. Let’s dive into each aspect of hotel digital marketing strategy with EBriks Infotech.

Top 4 Factors To Be Included In A Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

In recent times, digital marketing for hotels is increasingly becoming complex. Hotel managers need not only to manage room booking, guest servicing, availabilities and pricing, but are also expected to completely understand digital marketing techniques that are emerging every day. Hence, many hotel owners are finding new ways to expand their brand online. The obvious solution is to hire additional staff, but this method can only give temporary solution, because digital marketing is not a one-time process and therefore, its importance will continue to grow. The breakthrough solution for this problem is to devise a good digital marketing strategy that give a consistent experience to hotel guests. Let’s have a quick look on four crucial items which hotel managers should consider while drafting a digital marketing strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotel Industry - EBriks Infotech


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Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013



“EBriks Infotech has come up with some crucial digital marketing tips for retail industry. Read on to know about some of them.”

Digital Marketing Tips For Retail Industry:

When you decide to open the brick and mortar retailing shop, you may decide to have a grand opening or ribbon cutting. Marketing and advertising to get the right word out about your new business may probably one of your top concerns. Similarly, properly maintaining a website and creating good relations with customers is the success mantra of any online retailer business. Below are some crucial digital marketing tips for retail industry-


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