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Why Does SEO Take Time To Show Results?

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013



SEO is a time consuming technique that helps business gain online presence. One needs to follow definite strategy and analyze competition for the success of the business. Content marketing, guest posting, social media, etc are few of the techniques that one should ponder over.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that helps business gaining online presence. At one end, where it brings in targeted traffic, while at other end, it builds brand. However, one of the major points to ponder over while dealing with SEO services is patience. The results come up with time. There would be your competitors, who would be ranking high in SERPs and it may take enough time to analyze competition. Every SEO analyst needs time to understand the current ranking and traffic of the website.

There are several competitive analysis tools to evaluate the level of competition in the domain. It can also be judged by SEO traffic value displayed on search pages. Depending upon the needs and demands of the industry, a strategy should be designed to check out if long-term tail keyword should be optimized.

One should also be aware of the sites used by competitors for backlinks. There are few sites that are commonly used by all competitors for rank-boosting backlinks. A well organized database could be helpful in knowing the position of website on basis of different targeted keywords. Likewise, one should also develop link profile to know from where links are coming up. It is important to keep up the records and asses them carefully to get the best results.

The natural links or the high-quality links are crucial for the robust foundation to SEO. In order to get these links,SEO service provider should ensure that proper techniques should be taken care of. The right strategy designed could be helpful in linger run. Techniques, like social media, paid link replacement, guest posting, quality content, link bartering etc should be used in procuring links. Whatsoever method adopted, these link acquisition techniques can take time to produce result. Furthermore, it is important to have proper image optimization, taking care of right usage of different tags and needed descriptions.

Google also trust speed. Links gained quickly could suspect the site for penalty. The fair means adopted are always time consuming. Another important way to get good quality link is sharing of informative articles and reviews. Social media can further be helpful in spreading the awareness and in turn, getting the quality links. Nowadays, social media has turned out to be the recipe for success. Thus, if you SEO agency are taking time to come up with result, it is good for the growth of your business. Above all, we should not forget that slow and steady wins the race.


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Still following Old SEO Tricks to Rank Your Website? See What Works After Google Updates

Monday, June 17th, 2013



There are many marketers who ponder over old SEO tricks and do not find them useful. SEO professionals should realize the demands of changing market and adopt new practices that could bring out good results. It includes content marketing, social media marketing, guest posting, etc.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of improving upon the website ranking as well as getting more visitors that ultimately affect business. It may sound easy, but it is volatile market that keeps on changing. Hence, SEO professionals need to be updated about these changing marketing tactics such that they would successfully implement them and could get the best results. Search engine keeps on bringing new updates that affect marketing technique to a great extent. The fair practices, if adopted could be lot helpful in longer run.

Looking into the pace of changing world, relying on old SEO tricks won’t be much helpful. Paid blog network, link spam, spun content, link wheel, forum posting, blog commenting are few of the old tricks that are no longer useful in gaining online presence. Today, there are various other tactics that could do wonders to website traffic. The coming up of Google’s updates, Google Penguin, Google Panda, Google EMD, Exact Match domain, etc have brought much changes in these techniques, as they no more favour low quality link, low quality content and exact match domains.

Let’s ponder over the ways that could be effective in helping site gain good ranking:

Guest Posting: Using this technique, an author can write content on company’s website. High quality content posted on the site can be helpful in getting traffic. Regular guest blogging should be done so that readers could read the posts and the level of trust could grow. One should ensure that only quality content goes on the site, as a part of guest blogging.

Social Media: The new emerging platform that has grown popular is social media. It is a new marketing tool that gives people the edge to interact and discuss about the services or product. Building brand, trust, online reputation can easily be achieved with the help of social media. Post the content that people like to share. It should keep readers interested. The post should be more informative, rather than promotional.

Content Marketing: It is art of teaching your customer, instead of forcing them to sell. This technique has been lot helpful in improving upon the trust and loyalty. It comprises not just writing and sharing content, but instead includes article writing, blogging, video sharing, image sharing, info graphics, etc. one should create attractive content that could start on engagement. Instead of eyeing at advertising, a person should create interesting posts that are more informative.


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Best Keywords Selection Criteria to do SEO

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

you are keen to get tons of free traffic via search engines then it is imperative to choose right keywords for your website. By including right keywords/phrases, you can boost your SEO ranking and drive new potential customers to your website.

How To Choose SEO Keywords For A Website?

If there is a one concept that is driving Internet’s growth over the last few years, not to mention google’s annual revenue- – it is the keywords concept. Picking the right keywords and phrases for your website is a crucial part of the process of SEO as it makes your website visible to different search engines and searchers alike.

Find out how to choose right keywords for a website-

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7 Tips to get organic traffic on your website

Monday, March 11th, 2013

SEO has been fund lot helpful in gaining high ranking on result pages and thus, bringing in traffic as well as revenue for the company. A person should carefully follow various tactics and techniques to get the best returns.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is often carried out to attract traffic and gain high ranking on search engine result pages. There are different SEO techniques that help businesses in a variety of ways. Once the site ranks high, different measures are looked into to maintain the ranking so that there can be more organic search clicks.

SEO takes care of searches that return to your site, as relevant. There are many SEO techniques that can lead to high ranking in result pages, but the approach adopted should be useful in driving traffic with the help of content development and search query relevance. Secondly, the site should be properly optimized, indexed and catalogued. It should have relevant content. The site architecture, content relevance, onsite engagement, social signal, etc should be taken into consideration.

The content written should not only serve the SEO purpose, but instead should also be informative and should have engaging element to pull readers. It would definitely be helpful in spreading brand awareness. There are various elements that could help you gain high ranking in search results. A few of them are markup, bolding, breadcrumbs, images, video, title, authorship, site links, social signals etc.

SEO practitioners can also follow different strategies to call out results in SERPs. It includes rich snippet, reviews count, etc. Whatsoever is the strategy adopted, an important point to ponder over is t keep people engage. Let’s learn about 7 tips that can be useful in doing so.

  1. It is important to build a brand. Leveraging offsite promotions and creating associations and affiliations can encourage users to click.
  2. Meta tag description and title tag of the page are other two important components. They should be able to explain users what they would get from a click.
  3. Core optimization is major rule. In addition to on page and in code tag optimization, one should also look at site structure and internal linking.  Site navigation and bread crumbs are also important areas.
  4. Rich snippets are believed to be liked by Google. It helps users to get a quick glance at the information on a web page without waiting for it to be loaded.
  5. Authorship is another important area. Write great content.
  6. The products and services should be explained, keeping growing use of multimedia in mind. Video and image should be created and optimized accordingly.
  7. Review the result pages to know about the progress.


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