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Why Small Business owners should focus on Local SEO

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013



Local SEO is growing much in demand, as it is much useful to small businesses who want to get online visibility. The SEO activities carried out help target customers to reach to the website, thus, bringing in more traffic from vicinity. The growing mobile-related activities and business listing are further proved to be beneficial for the online growth of business.

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that improves upon the visibility and brings in more traffic by improving the ranking on search engine result pages. Local SEO is also growing in demand, as it focuses on bringing traffic for vicinity. It is considered useful for sites offering products or services in vicinity. The businesses, like restaurant, beauty spa and professionals services need to do local SEO to bring in visitors searching for the services in neighbourhood.

There are many small business owners who are trying hard promoting their services through Facebook or local Bing, Google, etc. These companies should have strategic planning toward local SEO for better results. Let’s discuss why should these businesses owner focus on local SEO.

Better visibility: Small businesses should focus on local SEO, as it helps them get better online presence. It improves upon their ranking for definite keywords and thus, is useful in numerous ways.

Authenticity: The business should be listed in Google + and Facebook, as users believe these places to be more authenticate than organic results. It is because these pages contain address verification, images and video along with business pages.

Mobile devices: The use of handheld devices has made mobile website the need for businesses, as the number of people using these websites has increased tremendously. Mobile is said to the advanced yellow pages, as easily connect to internet feature has made it a user-friendly tool. The total traffic to these mobile websites is increasing. Local listing is believed to do good to small businesses, as it helps people with high intent to purchase. The traditional SEO techniques might not work on mobile devices, thus, there is a need to augment local SEO for better functionality and traffic.

Conversion: People searching for local items are more expected to turn to customers than national terms, thus, increased conversion rates is found in case of local services. Due to geographic nearness, the local searches search more easily and then, click on the websites, leaving high impact on conversion rates.

Easy: Local SEO is helping small businesses to get their way online. It is easy to start, just by claiming, verifying and building presence on Google +, Yahoo and Bing. Furthermore, the engagement of Facebook audience that are searching for your services. Asking for people reviews and getting them published on Google local pages can be lot helpful.

Local SEO is really a choice for small businesses who want to grow online.


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Do you think SEO top rankings are working for you? Know what are you missing with SEO Rankings

Friday, February 22nd, 2013


There are myriad of people who believe that SEO is just achieving high ranking on search engine result pages. Apart from high ranking, the SEO activities should be helpful in improving upon CTR and the conversion rate for better results. CTR depends a lot on rich snippets.

There are numerous of articles and SEO updates on achieving high ranking, algorithm updates, best SEO practices, importance of social signals, etc. truly speaking, there are lots of strategies available in today to achieve top ranking, but is this ranking useful if you don’t have much users to click over it. In many cases, companies’ website rank no.1, but the CTR is too low, as reported by Google Adwords keyword tool. It brought to light that SEO’s does not end up with achieving top ranking.

Rich snippet has its value, when it comes to high CTR. For example, “Directory Submission” is one of the services that have improved effectiveness after the new Google algorithm updates. As it is effective, there were a large number of testimonies and reviews, which were displayed on the sales page. After few days, the rich snipped for positive feedback started showing up for the keyword. Thus, there was a huge improvement in CTR and it can be said that rich snippets add more value to the search results. Moreover, this rich snipped was viewed more by people than the result on first position.

The research conducted in this regard showed that 90% of the people who were asked to choose the result for “Directory Submission Services”, chose the one with rich snippet, though they are on first position or not. Though it works, but there is a need to follow the rules. Any unlawful way adopted to create reviews, integrated schema and activating them can put you in a trouble. Your website may be penalized. These days, Google is getting stricter with these rules for implementing schema for reviews. The author of the review should be verified through Google Plus account.

Schema implementation is categorized under on-page SEO and is crucial for the successful SEO in 2013. The SEO experts should take care that there should be proper implementation of schema to mark original reviews and information. It would for sure improve upon the CTR, Click Though Rate, of your website with the breaking competition.

So, now, just does not think that SEO,  Search Engine Optimization ends with high ranking. Once the top ranking is achieved, there is a need to work on CTR and then, on conversion rates. It is only then that SEO practices would help you business to growth online. It would enhance online visibility and would improve upon the business scope.


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Reasons Not To Do SEO for Your Business Site Yourself

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Why you should not do SEO of your website by yourself?

“Companies that think of doing SEO themselves could do blunder to their website, as it requires extensive knowledge of the subject. It is better to hire an agency and depend upon SEO service provider for the better result. These providers hire experts to work for the better ranking of your site.”

Should business do SEO themselves or depend upon agencies to do for them?

There are many businesses owners who ponder over this question. People believe that SEO is just adding links and content to the site and the traffic would come itself. Though, the reality is different. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing techniques that require much more than link and content. It should be done under with the expertise and knowledge of subject matter experts. Moreover, one shall never forget that businesses with different primary goals should not focus on these marketing techniques. Instead, should rely on experts to do the work for them.

When SEO is done, the result is the most important thing that matters. High lead generation followed by high conversion rate is very crucial for the growth of industry. Reading SEO starter guides and starting doing SEO could be a blunder to your business. It would be the waste of both time and efforts. Though Google has provided numerous of tools to track traffic and analyze the site, but there is a need of adequate knowledge.

Professionalism is the other aspect that should be pondered over. The SEO service provider chosen should have experienced and qualified staff to carry out the task. They should follow a strategic path to reach to the desired results. There should be sharing of the milestone achievements regularly. The reports should be shared regularly to keep customer aware of the project.

SEO services providers have experience to tackle the things in the best possible way. Their experienced would not let you fall into pit holes. They are well aware of the Google algorithms and the ways to tackle the new changes. An SEO expert keeps on updating his or her knowledge to master over the advanced tips and tactics. You can take benefit of his or her knowledge without any inconvenience.  It is must for a person to have the complete knowledge of the subject before something wrong happens with your website.

Moreover, SEO evolves each day. There are some changes brought about or new techniques that emerge at regular interval of time. It is must to take pains in figuring out these changes and working accordingly to get the best outcome. It would not only improve upon the ranking of your website, but would also improve the conversion rate, bringing in more customers. SEO providers would offer you guaranteed results at cost-effective rates.



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