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SEO Gone Wrong Internationally You 7 Assumptions May Become Reason of Your Campaign Failure

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013



There are many SEO practices that do not work internationally. Hence, a person develops various assumptions in order to make SEO a success. These assumptions, discussed below can ruin your program immensely.

There are a large number of companies that have either set up in house SEO team or hired agencies to build online presence. SEO, Search Engine Optimization has not only been useful in gaining online visibility, but also helps in getting traffic and ranking, which leads to higher conversion. Many companies get good domestic figure, but not international figures. The research has brought to light 7 main assumptions that can ruin the SEO programs and would not bring in good results internationally.

  1. A thought of doing in-country training or global seminars to make SEO a success. One should keep in mind that it is important to understand SEO not only theoretically, but also practically. There should be understanding between teams and departments and it is more important than training.
  2. A thought of having a resource in each country to get technical fixes implemented. Though additional resource sounds good, but every person added to a team would add training, communication and overhead expenses. One should focus on regional resources that can interact with country specific stakeholders and can get the things done.
  3. A thought of optimizing for the official language in each country. It is difficult to follow it practically, as there are many countries in which there are many dominant or official languages. In such cases, English language is given priority. Thus, instead of focusing at this point, one should stay focused at new updates, target audience, etc.
  4. A thought of adopting different strategies that could be effective domestically and rolling it to additional countries. One should keep in mind that people with different culture and region differ in their search. People differ from each other even on keyword usage. Some search around features, while other on comparison or price.
  5. A thought of optimizing country wise. Though it is an easy way to categorize things, but not the right approach to optimize the site. There are many non-nationals residing in the country. Instead, one should focus on different cultures in a region while localizing content and developing strategies.
  6. A thought of having effective link building strategy domestically. The things that work at home are not likely to work abroad, as every region has it ecosystem. At some places, just good content can bring good results, while at some other places; you need to ask help from regional experts.
  7. A thought of finding keywords with local exact match volume. It works only in some countries, where searches are focused around few selected terms.

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