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Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Companies and Industry – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013



Content is a crucial part of a good marketing plan. Read on to find out tips which you should use while creating a content marketing strategy for your manufacturing company.

Content Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Companies

No matter in which industry you are, all online marketers today are valuing content marketing. It’s all the rage, but is your manufacturing company also benefiting from it? Let’s have a look on some crucial tips on how your manufacturing business can make use of the content marketing strategy-

1. Have a clear understanding of your goals- Before publishing any piece of content, you should have a clear understanding of that piece. Your content marketing strategy should be able to meet following goals-

2. Understand what your customer prefers- The marketing plan of any B2B company is different than the marketing plan set forth by B2C companies. Manufacturing companies are needed to gravitate more towards video marketing. Why? Videos can give quick snippets of information and they can also visually explain complicated products or processes. Find out how your customers learn new products/services and then create your content marketing plan in accordance to that.

3. Know available marketing channels- How you will distribute your great content that you have developed? While, you can post them on your website but manufacturers today should use it on YouTube and make use of other social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. In order to have best knowledge of what your audience like, you should talk to your customers. Find out which social platforms they frequently visit, how they spend their time on those websites and what kind of information they are searching on social property.

4. Decide how you will going to create content- If you are good in expressing your words then you can himself write the content, otherwise, hiring a team of content specialist is also a good option. ‘Content is king’, therefore, manufacturing companies should start making their content marketing plan today.


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