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How to increase website traffic in 2013 tips?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The year 2013 is coming with new trends and techniques to be adopted in online industry for better marketing. These trends are focused to offer best services to consumers and online visitors. There are many companies, like EBriks that offer best-in-class online solutions to businesses to help them increase their traffic and generate more leads.

The internet has opened up boulevards for businesses to spread brand recognition online. In an attempt to do, they need to adopt various marketing techniques that can help them spread their message to the masses. The main aim of online businesses is to increase website traffic as higher is the website traffic; higher would be the chances of generating leads. It would definitely be add on business revenue. Thus, there are different techniques adopted to enhance the number of visitors to the site. The common of all these technique is good ranking in search engine result pages, as it drives in the organic traffic. With the coming of New Year, 2013, the subject matter experts are coming up with different tactics to

Pay-per-click is one of the advertising means that could well target the customers to the site. It can be carried out with the expert knowledge of keyword selection. Search Engine Optimization is another form of online marketing that focuses on not only bringing in traffic and improving ranking but also educating people, using content marketing strategies. The website containing content pages is optimized with the help of various techniques, like keyword selection, link building, meta-tags, etc such that traffic can be drove in through various online sources.

EBriks, the complete online solution provider, has turned up to offer the best-in-class solutions to its customers with different approach of AIDAS (Awareness,  Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction).the company follows state of art technologies to help its customers augment website traffic. The experienced and well qualified professionals at Ebriks focus on all the on-page and off-page factors that are crucial for the online growth of the industry. After the extensive study of aims and objectives of the business, the company design in a strategy and then work accordingly, sending regular updates to customers and taking approvals constantly to keep him or her aware about the ongoing project.

EBriks assures you of the well optimized quality content, right usage of keywords and proper site structure to help the visitors to the extent possible. The company also looks into recent online trends, like content marketing, social media marketing, image marketing, video marketing, etc that would for sure increase website traffic. These techniques attract customers and keep them engaged such that the business gets the higher return over investment. With the approach to cater to all your online marketing needs, the company assures you of timely delivery of services at cost-effective prices.


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3 Holiday PPC Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Among so many marketing tactics, there is PPC, pay-per-click advertising technique that brings in well targeted traffic, consisting of visitors that want to be buyers. There are few holiday PPC tips that if followed would help you fetch good results even at the time of holidays. Focusing on ROAS, carrying out targeted campaigns and keyword matching with appropriate landing page, etc are much helpful tips.

There are lot of marketing techniques that help a business to spread awareness about the related product or services delivered. PPC, Pay-Per-Click is an advertising technique that brings in well targeted traffic for the business, increasing the chances of increasing return over investment. The technique of PPC becomes much complicated, when there are thousands of products under different categories. The right keyword selection and carefully running of campaign to keep a check on the progress in traffic are crucial from business point of view. It is an effective technique that would bring in visitors that want to be buyers.

This technique should be carefully analysed, as it entirely depends upon the keyword chosen. Here are few of the holidays PPC tips for advertisers to be implemented before the holidays.

Focusing on ROAS or CPAs:

People look at overall ROAS, Return on Advertising Spending. However, they should check the number of campaigns, keyword level and groups ads. It can be done by putting the target CPA at the ad group level. It also makes your optimization and reporting much easier, a ROI at keyword level can easily be calculated. The report created at the end would be helpful in understanding of what is and isn’t performing.

Targeted Campaigns for products with long tail name:

A large number of people send off their PPC traffic to their category pages, because of myriad of keyword to be targeted. It can also be done using different approach of sending long tail keywords directly to pages containing information about products. A person can carry out campaigns from product feed to individual ad groups.

It may be difficult to carry it out in the initial stages, but it becomes easier, once the calculations start in Excel. Cleaning up data feed to make a clean report is also considered useful. Some ad copies containing price of products should be handed over to searchers.

Keyword Matching with Product Landing Pages vs. Category Landing Pages:

The landing page for the visitor should be identified carefully. Though it depends upon site, but still, sending a person to far off targeted page, when he or she is trying to know about products, would not be a beneficial activity. Thus, the landing page conversion rate should always be checked into. The visitor should be sent to the best page for their query.
These tips would be helpful in enhancing the performance of campaigns, especially before the start of holidays.

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Why Pay per Click (PPC) Management is important for any business – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

PPC is one of the effective forms of advertising, where business pay for every click made by a visitor. It is useful in obtaining quality traffic and converting them to customers. Quality traffic and conversion rate analysis are important aspects of PPC management. Furthermore, the results of PPC campaign needs to be evaluated right from start to end.

It is not easy to start business and get customers. There are different ways of spreading message among people and educating them about the products or services offered. One of the effective forms of advertising is PPC, Pay-per-click advertising, meant to draw in potential leads to the business. The business has to pay for these links, every time it is clicked by a visitor. When a person searches for some information, there are special links that occur at the top of search engine result pages. These links, when clicked, are payable by the industry. There are no charges made for the links that appear, but are not clicked.

PPC advertising is useful in numerous ways. It helps you obtain quality traffic, convert visitors to customers, create action that generates revenue, etc. this campaign is completely dependent on keyword selection. It is beyond doubt that entire online advertising depends upon specific keywords and terms. A PPC campaign that is well managed can bring in traffic that would help you in achieving goals.

Aspects of PPC Management:

Quality traffic is more important than quantity. It means that traffic should be well –targeted. It should be those who are looking for what is being advertised, those who want to avail services or buy products, those who could return to your site for information, or should be from the region that you are interested in. It would ultimately, lead to more traffic, consisting of visitors who want to be buyers.

Another important aspect of PPC management is conversion rate analysis that would help you to analyse how many people coming you to site are getting converted into leads. It is beyond doubt that PPC ads bring good traffic and high traffic means higher conversion rate.   Thus, this campaign would surely bring good return over investment for the business.

Evaluating the result of PPC Campaigns:

It is important to check which keyword and search terms bring more visitors, which advertising is more effective, what is the right price per click, what is the source of maximum traffic, etc.

Thus, an agency or the department needs to actively manage PPC campaign. The experts should study the actions of visitors.  It involves study of the page on which they are landing and the pages where they are clicking around, for how much time are they staying on the website, etc.

Thus, PPC campaign needs to be carried out actively under expert guidance, right from start to end.


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2013 Digital Marketing Trends, No marketer should Ignore this – EBriks Infotech

Monday, December 17th, 2012

There are certain digital trends that are must for the survival of online business. There is a need to actively participate in spreading brand awareness through social media. Mobile marketing is another important area to be pondered over. Video marketing can also be beneficial in various ways.

Digital marketing involves various tools, strategies and techniques that should be adopted for the effective marketing online. There are certain trends that no marketer can afford to ignore, if he or she needs to be successfully known in the coming year, 2013. Let’s throw light on these trends one by one.

Spreading brand awareness through social media marketing:

Social media is one of the growing tools that let business persons directly interact with consumers. Spamming social media sites with repetitive content is not at all going to work, but instead some useful information should be posted that  could encourage reader to interact and know more about the products or services. The users’ question should be actively answered to make them feel valued. A social media professional, who could work with different approach, should be hired. He or she should be able to focus on integrating social media throughout organization. At the same time, there should be certain social media strategy designed and implemented for overall success of business.

Unleashing potential through video marketing and YouTube:

There need to be a lot of digital video development. There are a large number of companies who are exploring the potential of common social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, but every few organization are taking real benefit of video marketing. Video is a storytelling medium that probably offers greater retention and interest to viewers.  It is an effective and powerful form of media, where there is yet a lot of potential to be unleashed.

Proper SEO Techniques:

There have been lots of efforts put in by Google to clean up its search engine results. The two recent updates, Panda and Penguin highly affected the low-quality websites. These websites lost traffic as well as ranking. One should check out analytics and the time at which these updates were launched. If they correlate, one needs to audit on-site as well as off-site optimization elements. 2013 is the year for good SEO activities to turn up. Good quality content, meeting end user needs, proper navigation, etc would be given importance in SEO activities.

Market Mobilization:

“Mobile challenge” is finally there on the horizons. There is a need to develop mobile marketing strategy; few of the common ones are mobile-friendly websites, mobile ads and email messaging. The planned approach, considering various factors, like unique content, small screen with adequate images, thumb-friendly navigation, should be carried out.

The adaptation to these changing trend is very crucial for the survival of online business.


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