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How To Make Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013



Social media is a known term for almost all kind of businesses. But lots of them have failed to use the power of social media for building strong customer base. Read on the article to know some of the useful tips which you should follow in order to get maximum benefits from social media marketing.

How To Make Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms have created a perfect way for companies to reach out to the masses.

Learn how to use social media marketing wisely to benefit your business with the help of below tips-

Take the next step with social media with these great idea to make your social media marketing approach successful

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Online Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Owners – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013



The online marketing strategy for restaurant owners is as important as menu, staff and customers. After all, a good online marketing concept can not only earn more bucks but also helps in expanding customer base. Read on the article to know about some vital tips which can help in creating a good online marketing strategy for a restaurant.

Online Marketing Strategy for Restaurants Owners:

Creating a well-planned online marketing strategy isn’t a simple task, especially for restaurateurs whose majority of time and effort is focused on what’s happening in the kitchen. Any restaurateur will likely agree that having a good website is imperative in today’s digitalized world but most of them are facing difficulty in building a good online image. Here are some simple tips that any restaurant owner can follow to improve and strengthen their online marketing strategy:

1) Create mobile supporting websites- Restaurateurs who are spending millions of dollars in creating designer websites with impressive flash content and moving button, is just digging a hole for themselves if those websites don’t work on mobile phones. It has been now proved that majority of people are using mobile phones for accessing internet, therefore, restaurant owners should create simple websites that can work effortlessly on mobile devices and are easy to update.

2) Online posting of menus- The first thing which diners look for while searching for restaurant information online is the food menu. So, make sure that your menus are not only posted on your website, they should also be posted on other sites also, like,, etc. Posting your menus in the dining section of any local newspaper is also a good idea to increase reachability.

3) Solicit anonymous feedback from people- Many times, restaurant owners fail to understand the quality of service that their staff is providing. Was a customer’s experience good or dismal? Was the food matched their expectations? You should resort to anonymous ways of collecting honest customer feedback, either through text messages or online. By doing so, restaurateur can easily figure out what is working in their favour and where it is required to do some improvement.

4) Benefit from social media- Social media sites, such as twitter, facebook, should form the part of any local restaurant’s online marketing strategy. Restaurant owners can use facebook for posting photos of their dishes and ask customers about their favourites. Similarly, on twitter, you can tweet links of the photos which you have posted on facebook and can occasionally use the medium for posting cooking tips. In this way, you can show your expertise and can keep people engaged.

5) Finally, surprise people- Give the feel of exclusivity to your internet users by providing freebies to only those people who online avail your services. It’s a proven strategy to bolster your presence in the internet world. You will be amazed at how a free soft drink with meal or buy one, take one dessert free, like freebies will encourage number of people enjoying your services.


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Importance of Colours in Web and Graphic Design

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Colours are the important designing elements that convey messages and create ideas in the mind of viewers. A designer should have knowledge of colour groups and the intensity of colour to be used for best visual appearance.

Colours convey the information in their own sense and thus, they hold importance in different aspects. Colour is an important element of design that is used to create ideas, invoke feeling, convey messaging and emphasize area of interest. As it affects the mood of viewers, it is important for designers to treat colours as seriously as design of graphics or layout. The colour wheel can be used to know about the harmonious colours. This wheel consists of 6 primary colours and other colours that are mix of these primary colours. It can be differentiated into primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary and analogues colours. It is important for a designer to have knowledge of colour groups to put them at the right place.

The designer should have the complete knowledge of colour groups that can be attached to emotions. There are warm, cool and neutral colours. Warm colours are generally the colour of fire and associated with passions, energy, happiness, cosiness and comfort.  Cool colours are the colours of water. They are associated with calmness, trust and professionalism.

Let’s discuss the meaning of each and every colour so that it can be put to best use:

Red: It is associated with boldness, desire and excitement. It stands for love, power, energy, leadership, etc. It also has negative associations, like danger, traffic light.

Blue: It stands for peace, patience, trustworthiness and stability. It is one of the most used colours in web design, as it is associated with professionalism and trust.

Yellow: It is the colour known for liveliness. It is the colour of being energetic and gives the felling of joy, happiness and brightness.

Orange: It stands for creativity and cheerfulness. It is known for friendliness, steadiness and courage.

Purple: It is the symbol of power nobility and wealth and signifies dignity, nobility, luxury, wealth, etc.

Green: It stands for nature and life that symbolized growth, hope and freshness.

Brown: It is well known as a symbol of relaxation and confidence, signifying earthiness, nature, tribal comfort and reliability.

Grey: It can be associated with seriousness and traditionalism, focusing over security, dignity, modesty, durability, quiet, etc.

Likewise, each and every colour has its significance, which should be known to designer. In addition, the web designer should have knowledge of right colour to be used, the intensity of colour to be used, etc for the best visual appearance. A site with poor visual affect might not be able to attract visitors, as compared to the one with the right sue of colours.

Psychology  of Colours - EBriks Infotech

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Best Keywords Selection Criteria to do SEO

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

you are keen to get tons of free traffic via search engines then it is imperative to choose right keywords for your website. By including right keywords/phrases, you can boost your SEO ranking and drive new potential customers to your website.

How To Choose SEO Keywords For A Website?

If there is a one concept that is driving Internet’s growth over the last few years, not to mention google’s annual revenue- – it is the keywords concept. Picking the right keywords and phrases for your website is a crucial part of the process of SEO as it makes your website visible to different search engines and searchers alike.

Find out how to choose right keywords for a website-

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