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How to do A/B Testing – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013



A/B testing is deemed to be much helpful in testing changes done on a current page. It helps a person in knowing which changes would produce positive results. Using such techniques could help a improving a conversion rate a person could make sure that the change with positive result in implemented.

A/B testing is carried out to test changes done to a page against current designs and check out the ones that produce positive results. It is a method to check out if a change in any element of webpage or new design is improving conversion rate or not. Such testing takes out the perception from website optimization and helps take data-backed decisions, which help businesses to grow.  One can measure the impact that the changes can have on metrics like sign-ups, purchases, downloads, etc.  It allows you to ensure that the change with positive result is implemented.

A/B testing present two versions of the same page to a visitor and let them know the winner. Testing and optimizing website pages on regular basis could help you increase revenue, download and user-generated content. It effective nature allows it to hot the mainstream. The wide availability of tools has made it easy and inexpensive to run.

Let’s discuss the tips that can help you A/B test work like a badass.

  1. Test Your Software: It is important to test the control against the control to check whether the software is accurate or inaccurate.
  2. Minimize Friction: these are the elements that slow down conversions. One should look for these elements immediately. A few of them are form fields, process step, page length, etc.
  3. Clarity Trumps Persuasion: the content on the page should be simple and clear, passing reader information, where he or she is in the sale process. The things that visitor need to do should be clear. The value proposition should also be clear.
  4. Interview for Insights: It is important for A/B badass to collect the facts and feedback and to learn what the customer has to say about it. One should check out how the customer walks out of the landing page.
  5. Learn from Pricing Takeaways: you need to nail down the acceptable price. it is not just about the numbers, but customers care more about the value that is provided to them , behind the price.
  6. Learn from Higher Prices: It is never sure that low price would drive in more sales or raising price would decrease sale. Instead, the price should match the value provided to customers.
  7. Test Social Features: One should check out whether to include social buttons on product pages or not. It may decrease the sale in some cases.

Likewise, there are many such tips, like lowering AdWords position, testing all best practices, never ignoring conversion trinity, etc, which should be taken into consideration.

Ab Testing VS Usability Testing - EBriks Infotech

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Digital Marketing Strategy For Gyms Owners – EBriks Infotech

Monday, March 11th, 2013



Marketing a gym is similar to marketing for any other business. It is crucial to take a digital marketing approach along with varied offline marketing ideas for building a strong and robust customer base. EBriks Infotech has come up with some crucial points which should be considered while developing digital marketing for gyms.

Things To Be Considered While Developing Digital Marketing Strategy For Gyms

The fitness industry has always succeeded in maintaining a good shape. People of all ages are conscious about their health and put their maximum efforts in improving their performance. This makes gym a highly competitive industry and therefore, marketing strategies are needed to be as thorough as possible in order to bring the publicity you need to succeed in the market. Digital marketing mainly paves focus on people younger than 40 years of age as they can act as a major audience for most gyms. In order to create an effective strategy, take account of varied cost-effective techniques offered by modern digital technology-

Website SEO- As more and more people are using internet to find products and services, gyms are required to include SEO of their websites as a cornerstone of the digital marketing strategy. As the part of internet marketing strategy, SEO always considered how search engines work and what kind of content people search on the websites.

Blogging- A blog proves to be a crucial aspect of any gym’s digital marketing strategy. With blog, you can get the opportunity to post regular content updates containing researched keywords, which can further help in improving search engine ranking. It provides trainers, dietitians and other experts a viable platform to reach their customers with vital tips, advice & promotions. A blog is an effective tool to generate inbound sales leads, because once you build up a strong subscriber base on your blog, you can use the same for marketing the gym’s products and different services.

Pay-per-click- Paid advertising gives proper balance to the digital marketing strategy. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), charges the advertiser only when users click on the advertisement. By creating a suitable PPC campaign, a gym can easily advertise its facilities and membership packages on varied websites, like fitness equipment retailers and health advice sites. With PPC, it is also possible to run sponsored listings on different search engines and it gives you a chance to display your advertisements on varied social media platforms. Payment would be needed to make only when advertisement will be opened and read. This makes PPC one of the most cost-effective methods to reach out to people interested in gym’s offerings.

Mobile applications- As part of their comprehensive digital marketing strategy, a gym can develop its own application and can invite members to download the same. Mobile device applications are considered as the effective way to connect with customers. It gives you chance to remain on the device of your customer for a longer time. Here, you should remember that applications are not only limited to smart phones and tablets, as you can develop applications for other platforms also, like, facebook or google chrome.



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Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisers – EBriks Infotech

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

For financial advisors internet is relatively an inexpensive playground to raise awareness about your products or services, which in turn finally helps in building trust. EBriks Infotech has detailed some of the crucial parameters which should be look into while building a digital marketing strategy for financial advisors.

Tips To Create Viable Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisors:

Does anyone remember how financial advisors were working before the advent of internet. From a marketing point of view, it was sheer wastage of resource and time as enormous costs were incurred in creating and printing hard-copy marketing material. Needless to say, countless man hours were wasted in knocking on doors of customers.

Today, time has certainly changed. Now, almost every independent financial advisor is having a web page, and while an increasing number of advisors are making better use of other digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, too many people still do not have any coherent digital marketing plan in place to match with their marketing strategy. Let’s have a look on four things which financial advisors should considered in order to build a viable digital marketing presence-

At the end of the day, people will do business only with those advisers whom they can trust. Earlier, getting a meeting with potential prospect perhaps meant hours of cold calling and even then it took several follow-ups to ultimately winning the business. While, establishing trust is required today also but a good digital marketing strategy can ease the entire process.

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Digital Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Industry

Monday, February 18th, 2013


“In current scenario, patients are more increasingly using internet to get vital health care information. For this reason, it becomes important that websites of healthcare providers should be user-friendly and informative. Read on to know crucial tips which can help you in framing effective digital marketing strategy.”

Today’s patients have become more tech savvy and digitalized, therefore, they rely more on medical practitioner’s website to get healthcare information. Due to this reason, it becomes important for healthcare providers to make their websites as informative as possible, since these online health care resources ultimately decide the patient’s choice of provider. EBriks Infotech has detailed below some great digital marketing ideas for healthcare sector-

Check credentials – Your healthcare: website will act as the patient’s introduction to the provider and practice, therefore, you should ensure that there is a special section on your website to display information about your speciality, healthcare treatments, training, and certifications. You should ensure that this section can be easily accessible from the homepage of your website. Posting a picture to give a more personalized introduction is a good idea.


Install Google Friend Connect: Installing Google friend connect tool is a good idea. Visitors will be able to join your website, which in turn will help in adding your website to their google profile as one of their “friend” website. They will be able to comment on your website and can quickly share your site among their online friend groups.


Allow open ID on your website wherever you need registration: People have grown tired of having different user name and passwords on their website. Instead of that, they can now use single user name and password that helps them to get onto any website that supports openID. Giving your visitors a chance to engage with you without sharing any personal information (an email address is also counted as personal information) will benefit you in various ways. It will build trust over time and visitors will start trusting, as a result, they will not hesitate in giving more useful information to get useful content or tools from you.

Give accurate information to patients: Most of the patients search for medical related information online before or after visiting doctors. Due to the availability of abundant medical related information on the internet, it’s likely that patients can easily get confused or be misinformed. By using social media into the healthcare marketing mix, healthcare providers can easily disseminate accurate and timely information about diseases, medications, symptoms and more.


Take help of digital marketing company to effectively fix your online reputation: If you are a newbie in the

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