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5 SEO Major Mistakes – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

There are many fallacies in SEO field that mislead people about the ways to rank their site. A few of them are Meta tags, keyword density, site map and social media. People do not try to know the fact behind them. There is a need to spread awareness that just people should spread the right information and use the right approach to help others know about it.

It is beyond doubt that SEO field is full of new and latest tactics to make website successful and enhance its ranking.  There are few fallacies that people generally follow, but they are not helpful. These myths captured the market such that people blindly follow them without putting their brains behind the same.

Lets discuss five of these top SEO fallacies that are commonly followed by people.

1. Meta Descriptions

Many people believe that a good meta description help in gaining ranking on search engine pages. However, it is not true. Meta tags are there to help you click-through rate and not at all helpful in improving the ranking of the website.

2. Keyword Density

There are innumerable people who believe that there should be certain per cent of keyword density in the content written in order to rank high. But, as far as Google is concerned, there is no optimum keyword density. The only limiting metric that needs to be pondered over is readability.

3. Sitemap.xml

Another common myth about SEO tactics floating in market is that a site without sitemap would not be able to rank. Though the fact is, that sitemap has nothing to do with the ranking. Likewise, people say that submission of site map is only way to index the site. However, the sitemap helps in discovering the pages that don’t appear in the navigation menu or don’t have inbound links.

4. Social Media

It is believed that social media is a growing SEO, but it is not true! It is just a channel or a platform for people with same interest to interact among themselves. It is no way similar to PPC or blogging, it is just one of the way outs to SEO campaigns.

5. Penalty

It is commonly heard that  ‘I have been penalized’, when a site’s ranking drops. In fact, SEO practitioner or webmasters take such calls as “reconsideration request”. Juts after a day or two, such complains vanish.

Practitioners should just use the right terms, cite latest information, and support opinion with data and state only facts to build credibility. People should not mislead other into doing thing wrong; they should just share the right information. These myths lead to confusion and later, disappointment. Google is making regular changes to help people get the right information without any inconvenience. It all depends upon how you look at it.


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2013 Small Business SEO Tips – EBriks Infotech

Friday, January 4th, 2013

SEO is one of the effective marketing techniques that help in enhancing the website ranking. Small companies should take care of few important tips that can be lot helpful in achieving the desired aim. Website content, strong back links, good content marketing, onsite SEO, etc are few of the important tips to be looked into.

There are changes seen in almost every sphere, because of the advanced technologies that are coming up and taking place. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is one of areas that see myriad of changes going through at regular intervals of time. Almost every year, Google and other search engine make changes in their search engine algorithm and thus, SEO experts come up with new tips and trends to adjust accordingly. Last year, Google brought three new updates: Panda, Penguin and EMD that affected the ranking of the sites immensely. These changes in the algorithm were to target sites with low quality content and help users to seek the needed information.

Let’s discuss few of the small business SEO tips that could help sites in getting organic search traffic.

Onsite SEO: The site for SEO should have well optimized title tags, site structure and load speed. These factors help people to surf the website without much hassle and thus, they stay on the site for long, which increases the chances of conversion rate.

Website content and Experience Are Critical: Website content always holds the upper hand, as a lot depend upon the quality of content that engage customers. It would automatically affect the time on site, conversion and SEO.

Use Content Marketing to Earn Back links: Search engine ranking is the result of back links. The companies should use content marketing to earn the back links, as it would bring interested people to the site. Thus, the content again plays a crucial role in engaging customers and pushing them towards the website. Content marketing is an effective way to earn back links and is considered an acceptable SEO.

Know Your Back link Profile: it is very important to know back link profile. A lack of branded anchors is a signal of manipulation. It is important to market the brand through press releases and discussions in forums. Co-citation is also helpful.

Create Buzz through Community Building: Social Media has gained much popularity for marketers to develop brand reputation. It helps in creating community, where people discuss about the brands.  It is the best way to create a link and is the best and natural way of bringing in traffic.

Quality over Quantity: SEO industry is too much dependent on the quality, whether it is content or links. Quality would help in gaining the needed search engine ranking.

Review the SEO Reports: SEO reports should be reviewed periodically to know the changes brought about or the updates in the specific time interval. It would help you know, whether SEO team members are moving in right direction or not.


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