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How You Can Generate Customers using Google Plus Local feature

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Google + Local is a new tool that is believed to be a lot helpful in getting customers for small businesses. The two major ways to do so is to increase local search visibility and secondly, reviews to turn visitors to customers. The Google+ Local page should be made informative and complete. Customers should be asked to leave reviews on Google + page.

There are different tools available in the market to analyze the current marketing positions. One of these tools that are used to target local customers is Google + Local. It is a small powerful tool for businesses, as it combines customers’ reviews and local search at one place. These businesses can use Google+ local in two major ways to get new customers.

Increase Local Search Visibility

The research shows that one-fifth of Google searches and two-fifth of mobile searches are local searches. In addition to it, a large percent of consumers search online for local businesses. It comes to conclusion that it is very important for small businesses to have local search visibility, which can be improved with the help of Google + local.

When the search is done with local intent, Google includes Google+ Local page in its result pages. This result appears at the top of the first result page, achieving high visibility for local businesses. This feature allows consumers with local intent to get the desired results.  This page would only compete with other Google + pages for visibility and not with PPC ads or websites.

There are various factors determining the ranking of Google + local page in Google universal search results s well as in Google+ local search results. This Google + Local page should be made informative and attractive. It should carry complete information about business and positive reviews from customers. Keeping in mind the Google motto of providers users the most relevant and useful result, this Google + Local page should be complete and informative.

Reviews to Turn Visitors into Customers

If you have take advantage of Google+ Local to enhance local search visibility, positive reviews would be further helpful in opening up boulevards for new business. These reviews would help you turning visitors into customers. For better understanding of it, reviews are scored on 30-point Zagat scale, which helps customers to write your business without actually writing a review.

A visitor sees this Zagat score, when he or she performs search on Google. There is no doubt that a good score would for sure increase the clicks and a bad score would prevent people from clicking on to the link. Thus, one cannot deny the importance of Google+ Local reviews. The businesses can take advantage of it by asking customers to leave their reviews on Google+ Local page. Whatsoever is the review, the response should be positive.

Hence, it can be concluded that Google + Local can be useful to small businesses in various ways. It can be an effective and powerful tool in getting new customers.



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Digital Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Industry

Monday, February 18th, 2013


“In current scenario, patients are more increasingly using internet to get vital health care information. For this reason, it becomes important that websites of healthcare providers should be user-friendly and informative. Read on to know crucial tips which can help you in framing effective digital marketing strategy.”

Today’s patients have become more tech savvy and digitalized, therefore, they rely more on medical practitioner’s website to get healthcare information. Due to this reason, it becomes important for healthcare providers to make their websites as informative as possible, since these online health care resources ultimately decide the patient’s choice of provider. EBriks Infotech has detailed below some great digital marketing ideas for healthcare sector-

Check credentials – Your healthcare: website will act as the patient’s introduction to the provider and practice, therefore, you should ensure that there is a special section on your website to display information about your speciality, healthcare treatments, training, and certifications. You should ensure that this section can be easily accessible from the homepage of your website. Posting a picture to give a more personalized introduction is a good idea.


Install Google Friend Connect: Installing Google friend connect tool is a good idea. Visitors will be able to join your website, which in turn will help in adding your website to their google profile as one of their “friend” website. They will be able to comment on your website and can quickly share your site among their online friend groups.


Allow open ID on your website wherever you need registration: People have grown tired of having different user name and passwords on their website. Instead of that, they can now use single user name and password that helps them to get onto any website that supports openID. Giving your visitors a chance to engage with you without sharing any personal information (an email address is also counted as personal information) will benefit you in various ways. It will build trust over time and visitors will start trusting, as a result, they will not hesitate in giving more useful information to get useful content or tools from you.

Give accurate information to patients: Most of the patients search for medical related information online before or after visiting doctors. Due to the availability of abundant medical related information on the internet, it’s likely that patients can easily get confused or be misinformed. By using social media into the healthcare marketing mix, healthcare providers can easily disseminate accurate and timely information about diseases, medications, symptoms and more.


Take help of digital marketing company to effectively fix your online reputation: If you are a newbie in the

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Link Building Tips for Local SEO

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Local SEO targets people or searches with local intent. It is believed to be a lot helpful to people with small business or local services provider, like restaurant, beauty services, professional services, etc. there are many ways to get local links. A person can start guest blogging, posting informative content, using social media for networking, etc. these tasks need to be carried out under expert guidance for better results.

Link building is an important activity in Search Engine Optimization. It is believed to be the effective tip and tactic in gaining online visibility. Likewise, local link building also has its own speciality. These local links can bring you quality traffic. They are believed to be the part of diverse profile. The value of a good link, like that from Chamber of Commerce, cannot be underestimated. They also play a significant role in strategic business partnerships, network for employees and grant opportunities.

These local links are required by the business with online presence. Businesses, like restaurant, beauty services, etc, with local customers require them the most. It would help you bring in business from vicinity. Many people, who believe that they do not require local business, might ignore the easy local visibility platform. One should not forget that there might be someone who would like to try to work, as an employee or client. The opportunities should not be missed. Not taking advantage, just because it is local is never advisable.

There are different types of local links that one must be aware of. These are Chamber of commerce, radio stations, business organization, charities in vicinity, search engine local sites, local new publications, city websites, business partners, local bloggers, business directories, etc. The qualifier should also be used along with keywords, while conducting link queries for local use. Zip code, state, region, city, country, etc are few of them.

Adding the name of local colleague, school name, university, etc for enhanced local search potential is also deemed to be useful. The research for the sites where people are engaging themselves in sharing their opinions and views can be further advantage.

Guest blogging is also a feasible way to get good local links. Interviewing local business people would bring few quick questions for you. Employees can also be used to build local awareness. The employees could be asked to write for a local blog and promote it by tweeting links to blog posts. Businesses can make use of social media sites in spreading awareness and promoting blogs and getting local links.

Another important aspect to be looked into is creating content that draws readers’ attention. The high quality content showcasing local fiction, interviewing local people, discussing local politics, etc could draw visitors. A great piece of content can bring you amazing visibility. The companies can use various offline methods to get local links. Thus, there are myriad of options available to get local links, but the entire task needs to carry out under expert supervision.


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Reasons Not To Do SEO for Your Business Site Yourself

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Why you should not do SEO of your website by yourself?

“Companies that think of doing SEO themselves could do blunder to their website, as it requires extensive knowledge of the subject. It is better to hire an agency and depend upon SEO service provider for the better result. These providers hire experts to work for the better ranking of your site.”

Should business do SEO themselves or depend upon agencies to do for them?

There are many businesses owners who ponder over this question. People believe that SEO is just adding links and content to the site and the traffic would come itself. Though, the reality is different. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing techniques that require much more than link and content. It should be done under with the expertise and knowledge of subject matter experts. Moreover, one shall never forget that businesses with different primary goals should not focus on these marketing techniques. Instead, should rely on experts to do the work for them.

When SEO is done, the result is the most important thing that matters. High lead generation followed by high conversion rate is very crucial for the growth of industry. Reading SEO starter guides and starting doing SEO could be a blunder to your business. It would be the waste of both time and efforts. Though Google has provided numerous of tools to track traffic and analyze the site, but there is a need of adequate knowledge.

Professionalism is the other aspect that should be pondered over. The SEO service provider chosen should have experienced and qualified staff to carry out the task. They should follow a strategic path to reach to the desired results. There should be sharing of the milestone achievements regularly. The reports should be shared regularly to keep customer aware of the project.

SEO services providers have experience to tackle the things in the best possible way. Their experienced would not let you fall into pit holes. They are well aware of the Google algorithms and the ways to tackle the new changes. An SEO expert keeps on updating his or her knowledge to master over the advanced tips and tactics. You can take benefit of his or her knowledge without any inconvenience.  It is must for a person to have the complete knowledge of the subject before something wrong happens with your website.

Moreover, SEO evolves each day. There are some changes brought about or new techniques that emerge at regular interval of time. It is must to take pains in figuring out these changes and working accordingly to get the best outcome. It would not only improve upon the ranking of your website, but would also improve the conversion rate, bringing in more customers. SEO providers would offer you guaranteed results at cost-effective rates.



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