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Why online reputation management is important for any business?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Online reputation management is the process to monitor the reputation of a person, business or product online with the target the push down negative posts down completely or at least to inner pages in search engines so that the visibility of posts are less.

The internet world is interesting.  It’s allows a business to grow fast with search engine optimization services and then converting users into leads and finally customers. But the other part of the coin is dangerous. The same things which make a business grow can be the reason for downfall with rapid pace even greater than the growing pace. The rise of the social media sites and the blogs, forums has given it a pace to circulate the information widely around the world and if the information is about the bad part of your company, it can harm you.

Online reputation management is important to the businesses (especially small onea) and the reason may be:-

The best way is to hire an online reputation management company. They use certain strategies to make the negative posts down and consequently the visibility gets lowered. With the name of the person or brand (business) several other blogs are created and ranked so that the negative ones are down automatically. The process is very much similar to SEO but this is not about getting a website ranked high but to get any post/blog comment pushed away to certain inner pages in Search Engines.

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How to Measure Success through Social Media (SMO)

Monday, May 28th, 2012

In today’s highly competitive world, one is required to focus more severely on effective optimization of social media. To initiate the whole process, one is required to formulate a clear cut strategy and should work earnestly towards achieving high sales. You can measure your online presence by using social media.

There are only a few ways of making your presence felt in the internet world but achieving a stable and top ranking in various search engines is far different than making the web presence. If you are interested in luring your target audience or targeted traffic towards your website, you are required to keep some points into consideration andhas to use the search engine optimization, Social media marketing services and the list goes on.

It has been discovered that the awesome presence of various social networking websites has completely changed the concept of social media optimization(SMO). With a sole objective to capitalize benefits of so much positive results of social media marketing ,various renowned and highly talented professionals are in the market and making every effort to give a mind blowing presence. The main reason of popularity or increasing craze of social media optimization is simple as various internet users have created their accounts in different social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the list goes on.

Social media marketing services is an innovative way of SEO activities, which in turn add more spice into the web promotion strategies. It means, whether you are intended to enrich the popularity of your websites, or is interested in increasing more traffic for this, there are some notions, such associal media marketing services, whichshould be given the utmost priority for achieving overall success of business through the use of Internet.

Let’s dive into easy ways to measure success through social media –

Let the idea of return on investment go- If you are interested in getting to the heart of the social media campaign’s success, you would be require letting go of the idea that you can measure it in quantitative terms. Many times, people only read tweets, but they don’t always go out and purchase the products. Sometimes it is about creating awareness for brand and after reading 50 tweets and seeing a company’s logo on their friends Facebook pages, they will decide to finally visit the website.

Look at involvement- Ratherthan paving your focus on return on investment, you should focus on ‘return on engagement’ among other forms of measuring success. You can have two twitter pages, both with 10,000 friends but with totally different involvement levels. One account might be involved in churning out of the feed of prewritten tweets, which are linking to its site. You will witness that there is minimum engagement as most of the people are not interested in responding to auto tweets. But your other twitter account might have comments which are targeted to particular section of twitter users and has retweets of some useful blog postings. This account will surely receive overwhelm response from users.
Finally generating sales- Your main aim is to divert your social media followers towards your website so they can buyyour products/services. The higher the number of targeted followers you have on your social media websites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter,  Google+, etc, the more people will likely to click to your website.

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How my ranking goes down when my site server downtime?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The reasons for site server downtime may not be particular and same for all websites. The performance of the website is a very important factor whether you may use it for selling products online or to use it just for online presence. The hosting companies are the one who take care of the website uptime for many websites owned by the business people. But in most of the cases, the web hosting companies do not guarantee cent percent uptime for website since there are many factors that lead the website to go down.
There are many factors reasonable for the server downtime, also there is no necessary that all the factors are same for all the websites. They may change from one website to another. There are some common factors which cause downtime like planned downtime by web hosts, an unexpected component failure, and natural calamities. Planned downtime problem occurs when the web hosts do some tasks like upgrading server, hardware and software applications. During such tasks, the websites hosted by the corresponding server will go down. Once the tasks are over, then the website becomes normal. The complex hardware and software design is one of the reasons for the failure of server downtime. It is due to programming bugs, virus attacks, corruptions of file and more. Malicious attacks are the most common reason for the unavailability of the websites. Attacks of international hackers, use of malicious software are some of the reasons for the server downtime. The damages to the hardware components can also lead to server downtime. When the hardware components are attacked by the hurricanes, cyclones, it may cause trouble in server downtime.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the site server may face downtime. Impact of website downtime will lead to the negative remark in your online business. Site loading time is one of the important ranking factors in Google search results. If a customer finds that the website is not loading properly, then he/ she will not visit again the same website. Therefore, there will be significant reduction in the traffic of the website. Page rank is an important factor in Google webpage ranking. Also Google evaluates the age of the website and display it accordingly in the web page results. If the website is operated for a long time, then it will have better rank.

At some point of time, every website may encounter the problem of server downtime. Therefore constant monitoring of the performance and functioning of the website should be done by the website owners. However, it is a difficult job because it requires professional expertise in the field of monitoring the performance of the website. Hiring a professional website monitoring servicing company is advised. Many online business owners think that server downtime is a small issue and do not have a great concern about the issue. But downtime is not negligible as it has adverse impacts and also leaves a negative impression on the customer which in turn affects the growth of the business. So before it erodes the customer, one should get thorough knowledge about downtime of the site and conclude the issue soon.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing SEO Company

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Choosing the right SEO Company can make a big difference in the amount of traffic which you are getting on your website. It is necessary to judiciously select a SEO company by taking varied factors into consideration.

The concept of web marketing has gained huge popularity in the contemporary world. It is due to this reason that varied businesses are seeking to avail SEO services with an aim to improvise their search engine ranking. While, selecting the SEO Company, one should act cautiously in order to make sure that you have made a right choice. But you are required to devote sufficient time and effort while selecting the best SEO Company. There are varied companies which are offering SEO services but it is not an easy task to find the reliable SEO Company.

The entire process of finding the right SEO company will become easy if you have a substantial knowledge of web marketing as you can decide whether the goals of SEO company are realistic or not. But even if you are not familiar to SEO practices, below is a list with some vital points to watch for when selecting a SEO company:

Do SEO companies promise to guarantee top ranking?- If they do then you have a valid reason to doubt on their competencies as no SEO expert can guarantee a No.1 ranking in Google and it goes with not so competitive words also.

Consult your friends, business partners, etc.- Word of mouth plays a crucial role in knowing the credibility of a company.

Ask in forums- There are various reputed Web master forums, so if you are unable to find somebody who can recommend you a SEO company right away then you should take the help of Web master forums. However, it is not sure that all content on these forum posts will be true; therefore, you should take their view with a grain of salt.

Take the help of internet- If the company is involved in some fraudulent activities then there are chances that you will find lot of information about it on the internet. However, lack of negative publicity does not mean that the particular company is doing well.

Ask for their previous assignments- Feel free to ask your potential SEO Company about different websites which they have optimized and references of their clients. If the shows reluctance in citing details of their former clients because of confidentiality reasons, then this should ring analarming bell about the credibility of the particular company.

Check the page ranking of the company’s website- If the SEO Company can’t optimize their own website to get a page rank over 4 then they are not worth hiring.

Ask the company what keywords/phrases their site ranks for. If they don’t rank well on for their own chosen keywords then they are hardly as professional as they pretend to be.

Do they use automated method of submissions? If yes, stay away from such companies as search engines can ban you for doing automated submissions.

Ask tricky questions- Using tricky questions work like a double-edged sword, especially if you are not the expert in the web marketing. But there are some easy questions which can certainly prove useful to you. For instance, you might ask the company in how many search engines they will automatically submit their website. If they are spammers then they will use all tricks to impress you with big numbers. But in this case, the best reply would be ‘no automatic submission’.

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