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Focus On Topics Not On Keywords

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Focus On Topics, Not On Keywords

In today’s changing scenario, the world of digital marketing has witnessed a significant transformation. Now, instead of looking at keywords, it is important to focus on queries. It means, it is crucial to now focus on what the user is searching for rather than specifically defining all the ways they can phrase it.

What does it exactly mean to us as practitioners?

As your focus has now changed, therefore, stop using the term ‘keyword’ as much as you can. It means, talking differently, reporting differently and changing the conversations with the client about the objectives.

You may be asked to give a keyword research report or a keyword ranking report. You may have provided it in the past also and therefore, it’s obvious for your clients to expect a certain kind of report or data. However, as the time is changing over the past few years, it is now important to modify what we report to in order to meet our business goal.

Define objectives

It is crucial to define your objective before you start doing the job in the best possible way. Here, your objectives could be:

The goals should be set by the company collectively and not just by you. Your objectives are based on this. It is crucial that your goals should be easily measurable and impact the company’s goals. Knowing your company’s objectives help changing the conversation.

Now, decide what do you want to achieve?

The time has come to start the hard conversations. You should report about your goals and what actions you will be taking to accomplish them. At one point of time, your client may ask you to give a keyword or ranking report. When they ask, you should ask them what they want to attain with that information. It will give you more idea about what they are looking for and how best to give that information to them.

But achieving high ranking is of prime importance

If they are saying that keyword is the most crucial factor for you to report on then you should ask them the reason. It may be because it is the way to tell whetheryour website is ranking for a term or whether your SEO plan is working or not.

Rankings occur due to varied reasons.

The keyword is merely the initiator of the entire process. You optimize the page to its best and you’ve created the best page for a specific need or topic. You may find various variations of keywords for any one topic, and therefore, your emphasis should be laid down on the page and topic and not on hundreds of keywords. You should focus on content and make every attempt to strengthen the page.

You might be thinking that if you stop focussing on keywords how you may come to know what content should be developed to get ranking? That entirely depends on the user. If you want to know what content should be written in order to rank for terms, then you should ask the people who are searching for that topic and what they write about. This changes will help in doing research in a much better way.

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