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Content, Freshness and SEO for Large Sites: What’s Important in 2012

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Freshness is a search engine’s mantra. Some results like sports news, movie reviews and other news are very date sensitive. So search engines need to publish these in the top results. Google has altered its algorithm to improve its ‘Freshness’ quotient.

A fresh content is identified by a significant increase in search for that particular topic; the trend it had over time and to some extent reliable sources like Google News. Google scans all the documents for freshness and then filters them in accordance to the query. Certain queries require the most updated version of news whereas others are content with old results.

Search engines identify a content or page as a fresh one when it is obviously never-before-published matter. Likes, Tweets and +1 feedback help in establishing this fresh content. With time this content can soon go from being fresh and interesting to stale.

Google engineers do not consider pages that are old as fresh ones with little bits of alterations. A new update is required in order for Google to recognize it as fresh content. An old page with multiple updates is valued much more than that which has new pictures. New pages addition greatly helps to improve the freshness value of a site. The more the fresh content the better chances it has of turning upfront in the Google results. Fresh content is not only a value addition but an essential link to the search engine. Changing important content in a site can influence the search because the major outlook is changed and the key concept’s gravity is shifted. This can give an edge to your site if the new topic is quite unheard of.

Constant updation and addition of fresh content will naturally lead to trafficking of your site and improve your reputation as a source. The rate of new content addition matters more than one thinks .Once the content becomes stale it is very difficult to improve the status of the website, irrespective of the volume of new content. Readers have to believe that your site will update on a standard time interval, be it a day or week. It will also help build links and social signals that are crucial in online marketing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary for any large concern that hosts multiple pages of websites. With the new version of Google’s algorithm that checks for latest fresh content, SEO of WebPages for such large companies is a challenge.

SEO techniques normally employed by the companies are classic approaches like keyword altering and link building. But other approaches like monitoring the Trend and having the content shared in Social Media are gaining importance. Consistently producing new content is of paramount importance because what was news an hour ago can be turned into trash by the social media, if not properly monitored.


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