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Ability To Block Sites From Search Results Will Return, But When?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

With Google’s recent launch of Search, plus your world the ability to block sites from any search results was removed. Google proclaimed this will return, but is unsure about the timing.

Earlier results included a ‘Block All’ option that made sure none of the pages from the webpage you just blocked showed up in further results. This Block all feature was available to anybody who used Google chrome. But on using this there was heavy criticism that complained about reduction in relevancy of Google’s search results. This option no longer appears.

We’re still in the process of rolling out Search plus Your World, and we’re also in the process of restoring the block sites feature for users experiencing difficulties.

It was only a short-term problem but the time required to fix it is allegedly more than anybody expected.

The ‘cached pages’ link of Google was thought to be removed but in actuality it is only moved to the page review and not completely removed from the results. The ability to block sites was available even with Google Panda update.

With Search, Plus Your World addition, there are millions of potential searches for more personal stuff than there has ever been. Hundreds of ad pages can be generated to lure the crowd into clicking it. So it is wise for Google to reconsider its removal of the Block feature that came to existence a year back.

The Block feature is a must because it maintains a little integrity and can alter the search results and make them more personal. By blocking certain sites one can make sure you do not end up with the same unrelated or unwanted sites turning up in your search results. This is better because the block feature allows one to personalize it to their Google chrome. A claim that universal blocking would arrive is not welcome because it is not tailored or is not individualistic enough.

Search and block being absolute concepts are not welcome. Both these need to be refined for a user according to his/her needs and likes. Google will be spending unnecessary time and resource in coming up with an algorithm that caters a universal search or block result. Once the Search, Plus your World feature has established itself, there can be options included to hide or mask personal content from the worldwide web.

Google has not yet fixed a date for the return of the Block feature in the search results but it is anticipated that Search, Plus your World will not overrun the Block feature by taking out all of our personal stuff on the web. People prefer privacy except for communities and social networks they have legitimate access to their photos, posts, profile information and such.


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