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How You Can Generate Customers using Google Plus Local feature

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Google + Local is a new tool that is believed to be a lot helpful in getting customers for small businesses. The two major ways to do so is to increase local search visibility and secondly, reviews to turn visitors to customers. The Google+ Local page should be made informative and complete. Customers should be asked to leave reviews on Google + page.

There are different tools available in the market to analyze the current marketing positions. One of these tools that are used to target local customers is Google + Local. It is a small powerful tool for businesses, as it combines customers’ reviews and local search at one place. These businesses can use Google+ local in two major ways to get new customers.

Increase Local Search Visibility

The research shows that one-fifth of Google searches and two-fifth of mobile searches are local searches. In addition to it, a large percent of consumers search online for local businesses. It comes to conclusion that it is very important for small businesses to have local search visibility, which can be improved with the help of Google + local.

When the search is done with local intent, Google includes Google+ Local page in its result pages. This result appears at the top of the first result page, achieving high visibility for local businesses. This feature allows consumers with local intent to get the desired results.  This page would only compete with other Google + pages for visibility and not with PPC ads or websites.

There are various factors determining the ranking of Google + local page in Google universal search results s well as in Google+ local search results. This Google + Local page should be made informative and attractive. It should carry complete information about business and positive reviews from customers. Keeping in mind the Google motto of providers users the most relevant and useful result, this Google + Local page should be complete and informative.

Reviews to Turn Visitors into Customers

If you have take advantage of Google+ Local to enhance local search visibility, positive reviews would be further helpful in opening up boulevards for new business. These reviews would help you turning visitors into customers. For better understanding of it, reviews are scored on 30-point Zagat scale, which helps customers to write your business without actually writing a review.

A visitor sees this Zagat score, when he or she performs search on Google. There is no doubt that a good score would for sure increase the clicks and a bad score would prevent people from clicking on to the link. Thus, one cannot deny the importance of Google+ Local reviews. The businesses can take advantage of it by asking customers to leave their reviews on Google+ Local page. Whatsoever is the review, the response should be positive.

Hence, it can be concluded that Google + Local can be useful to small businesses in various ways. It can be an effective and powerful tool in getting new customers.



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