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Importance of Colours in Web and Graphic Design

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Colours are the important designing elements that convey messages and create ideas in the mind of viewers. A designer should have knowledge of colour groups and the intensity of colour to be used for best visual appearance.

Colours convey the information in their own sense and thus, they hold importance in different aspects. Colour is an important element of design that is used to create ideas, invoke feeling, convey messaging and emphasize area of interest. As it affects the mood of viewers, it is important for designers to treat colours as seriously as design of graphics or layout. The colour wheel can be used to know about the harmonious colours. This wheel consists of 6 primary colours and other colours that are mix of these primary colours. It can be differentiated into primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary and analogues colours. It is important for a designer to have knowledge of colour groups to put them at the right place.

The designer should have the complete knowledge of colour groups that can be attached to emotions. There are warm, cool and neutral colours. Warm colours are generally the colour of fire and associated with passions, energy, happiness, cosiness and comfort.  Cool colours are the colours of water. They are associated with calmness, trust and professionalism.

Let’s discuss the meaning of each and every colour so that it can be put to best use:

Red: It is associated with boldness, desire and excitement. It stands for love, power, energy, leadership, etc. It also has negative associations, like danger, traffic light.

Blue: It stands for peace, patience, trustworthiness and stability. It is one of the most used colours in web design, as it is associated with professionalism and trust.

Yellow: It is the colour known for liveliness. It is the colour of being energetic and gives the felling of joy, happiness and brightness.

Orange: It stands for creativity and cheerfulness. It is known for friendliness, steadiness and courage.

Purple: It is the symbol of power nobility and wealth and signifies dignity, nobility, luxury, wealth, etc.

Green: It stands for nature and life that symbolized growth, hope and freshness.

Brown: It is well known as a symbol of relaxation and confidence, signifying earthiness, nature, tribal comfort and reliability.

Grey: It can be associated with seriousness and traditionalism, focusing over security, dignity, modesty, durability, quiet, etc.

Likewise, each and every colour has its significance, which should be known to designer. In addition, the web designer should have knowledge of right colour to be used, the intensity of colour to be used, etc for the best visual appearance. A site with poor visual affect might not be able to attract visitors, as compared to the one with the right sue of colours.

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