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7 Tips to get organic traffic on your website

Monday, March 11th, 2013

SEO has been fund lot helpful in gaining high ranking on result pages and thus, bringing in traffic as well as revenue for the company. A person should carefully follow various tactics and techniques to get the best returns.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is often carried out to attract traffic and gain high ranking on search engine result pages. There are different SEO techniques that help businesses in a variety of ways. Once the site ranks high, different measures are looked into to maintain the ranking so that there can be more organic search clicks.

SEO takes care of searches that return to your site, as relevant. There are many SEO techniques that can lead to high ranking in result pages, but the approach adopted should be useful in driving traffic with the help of content development and search query relevance. Secondly, the site should be properly optimized, indexed and catalogued. It should have relevant content. The site architecture, content relevance, onsite engagement, social signal, etc should be taken into consideration.

The content written should not only serve the SEO purpose, but instead should also be informative and should have engaging element to pull readers. It would definitely be helpful in spreading brand awareness. There are various elements that could help you gain high ranking in search results. A few of them are markup, bolding, breadcrumbs, images, video, title, authorship, site links, social signals etc.

SEO practitioners can also follow different strategies to call out results in SERPs. It includes rich snippet, reviews count, etc. Whatsoever is the strategy adopted, an important point to ponder over is t keep people engage. Let’s learn about 7 tips that can be useful in doing so.

  1. It is important to build a brand. Leveraging offsite promotions and creating associations and affiliations can encourage users to click.
  2. Meta tag description and title tag of the page are other two important components. They should be able to explain users what they would get from a click.
  3. Core optimization is major rule. In addition to on page and in code tag optimization, one should also look at site structure and internal linking.  Site navigation and bread crumbs are also important areas.
  4. Rich snippets are believed to be liked by Google. It helps users to get a quick glance at the information on a web page without waiting for it to be loaded.
  5. Authorship is another important area. Write great content.
  6. The products and services should be explained, keeping growing use of multimedia in mind. Video and image should be created and optimized accordingly.
  7. Review the result pages to know about the progress.


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Do you think SEO top rankings are working for you? Know what are you missing with SEO Rankings

Friday, February 22nd, 2013


There are myriad of people who believe that SEO is just achieving high ranking on search engine result pages. Apart from high ranking, the SEO activities should be helpful in improving upon CTR and the conversion rate for better results. CTR depends a lot on rich snippets.

There are numerous of articles and SEO updates on achieving high ranking, algorithm updates, best SEO practices, importance of social signals, etc. truly speaking, there are lots of strategies available in today to achieve top ranking, but is this ranking useful if you don’t have much users to click over it. In many cases, companies’ website rank no.1, but the CTR is too low, as reported by Google Adwords keyword tool. It brought to light that SEO’s does not end up with achieving top ranking.

Rich snippet has its value, when it comes to high CTR. For example, “Directory Submission” is one of the services that have improved effectiveness after the new Google algorithm updates. As it is effective, there were a large number of testimonies and reviews, which were displayed on the sales page. After few days, the rich snipped for positive feedback started showing up for the keyword. Thus, there was a huge improvement in CTR and it can be said that rich snippets add more value to the search results. Moreover, this rich snipped was viewed more by people than the result on first position.

The research conducted in this regard showed that 90% of the people who were asked to choose the result for “Directory Submission Services”, chose the one with rich snippet, though they are on first position or not. Though it works, but there is a need to follow the rules. Any unlawful way adopted to create reviews, integrated schema and activating them can put you in a trouble. Your website may be penalized. These days, Google is getting stricter with these rules for implementing schema for reviews. The author of the review should be verified through Google Plus account.

Schema implementation is categorized under on-page SEO and is crucial for the successful SEO in 2013. The SEO experts should take care that there should be proper implementation of schema to mark original reviews and information. It would for sure improve upon the CTR, Click Though Rate, of your website with the breaking competition.

So, now, just does not think that SEO,  Search Engine Optimization ends with high ranking. Once the top ranking is achieved, there is a need to work on CTR and then, on conversion rates. It is only then that SEO practices would help you business to growth online. It would enhance online visibility and would improve upon the business scope.


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How can I increase the visits and clicks to my website?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Tips to increase the visitor and clicks on the Website

When we talk about increasing website traffic, then it includes several different things, like increasing hits, increasing pageviews, increasing sessions, and increasing unique visitors. With the help of SEO techniques, you can always increase the visitors and clicks.

Usually, on the higher level only pageviews, user sessions, and unique and return visitors are measured. So following are the few of the tips that will help you in increasing the visits and clicks to the respective website:

Such things will cost you nothing and you can promote your website without any hassle. Not only this, you can always use these tricks, which will help you in technical ways. People will become aware of you and your services.


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Current SEO trends to increase page ranking and also traffic to your website

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

With the internet marketing ruling the market, it is so obvious that the business owners will deluge the internet facility with their own websites in an effort to increase utmost profits and visibility. Though, given the flood of websites, making sure that your site increases the maximum traffic can be fairly an intimidating task, if not of course, you go through by the rules and your website must be search engine optimized.

Similar to any tools of marketing, SEO is also continually altering so that it becomes accustomed to newer and contemporary environments. Consequently, if you actually desire utmost visibility for your site, it is significant to be conscious of the most modern techniques and trends in the field of Search Engine Optimization.


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