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How can I increase the visits and clicks to my website?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Tips to increase the visitor and clicks on the Website

When we talk about increasing website traffic, then it includes several different things, like increasing hits, increasing pageviews, increasing sessions, and increasing unique visitors. With the help of SEO techniques, you can always increase the visitors and clicks.

Usually, on the higher level only pageviews, user sessions, and unique and return visitors are measured. So following are the few of the tips that will help you in increasing the visits and clicks to the respective website:

Such things will cost you nothing and you can promote your website without any hassle. Not only this, you can always use these tricks, which will help you in technical ways. People will become aware of you and your services.


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How Do the Sales Representatives Generate Leads to the Target Businesses?

Monday, December 26th, 2011

It is at first very important to understand what a lead generation system is before understanding how a sales representative generate leads to the targeted businesses.

Lead Generation System

An excellent system of lead generation system must possess the following features/characteristics

  1. Generate names, mail addresses, and the addresses of the people who react and are involved in knowing a lot about the specific service or product.
  2. The people who react give you the authorization to get in touch with them and give the best sales appearance about the specific service or product.
  3. Create a positive rapport of trust

Targeting the Best Buyers:
When looking at a financial statement which demonstrates the income produced from all of your clients, you will find that the rule which is the “80/20 Rule” is functioning inside your business. This means, just about twenty percent of your customers are providing you eighty percent of the business and the profitability. Hence they must be your Best Buyers or the Dream Clients.

What is the meaning of this and how does it help you? It simply means that you must target and focus on these clients (best buyers) first, since this will be the simplest method for the growth of your business and the profitability. Hence it is advised to spend some time first just in terms of minutes to create a profile of your best buyer or the dream client.

How the sales representatives generate their leads for their businesses?

Discovery of adaptable online marketing directs work in a variety of methods based upon the products that are offered 1) Life span and 2) The Price point. Depending on these given factors, the lead generation efforts occur in the different directions. The main areas of success in SEO lead generation are:

  1. Contact form marketing
  2. Present customer relationship referrals
  3. Newsletter marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Cross market marketing

A note about the purchased leads:
Purchasing of the SEO leads is yet a comparatively unsafe area of the lead generation of SEO. There are a few companies that are seen with abundant successful leads acquired from. Note down that these companies’ methods are inclined to be alike as the direct marketing which is discussed in the first part of the segment.

Hence a solid portfolio and a broad set of ranking keywords on the website of the provider’s site turns whatever thing into an opportunity of lead generation opportunity.


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How to increase traffic to the web sites?

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Here are top five ways to increase the traffic to the blogs or web sites you own.

Optimizing the existing web site

If the web site is by now up and is been running and there is no traffic, one among the probable reasons may be improper optimization. For getting a good ranking in the search engine ranking, the web pages should focus upon the target keywords, and the keywords must be placed deliberately in the appropriate tags (description, title and keywords). Careful and appropriate placement of the phrases and key words is the actual phenomenon of Optimization

Add additional content to the webpage

This method is a very effective one which most website owners ignore. Most of the people do not comprehend that every inner page of any website works like that of a mini-website and through those door ways, it is possible to reach the sites that will be located in the search engines and through which the surfers shall enter. Thus increasing the number of pages with optimized content shall increase traffic.

Increasing the quantity of the inbound links to the site or quality back links to your site

If the other website place back links to your site, there are chances of increasing the traffic of your site. This can either be direct increase or indirect increase. A direct boost shall be given as surfers who spot these links shall click through and visit your web site. The indirect traffic boost is provided by the popularity of the link is that the website shall get a superior ranking in the search that calculate popularity of the link as an indicator of the website’s value.

Offline Advertising a must

Most of the people still sit offline and spend their time. A print advertisement, TV ad, in the stationary or the brochures with your URL shall help be advantageous. But make sure it is visible to most of the surfers/people. Always a simple and easily understandable URL is advantageous.

Try out the Pay Per Click Ads

SEO, content creation, publishing and reciprocal linking all take some time to bring traffic to the web site. If the major segments of your web site are prepared for unrestricted viewing and want to see how well it can do, then purchase some traffic. Most popular and most likely the most effectual pay per click ad program is the Google’s Adwords. It just takes some time to set up but immediate traffic can be obtained. Make sure there is good content as traffic must keep flowing and should recover the cost of advertising as soon as possible.

Traffic increase to any web site or blog page is an essential requirement and expectation of all the web site owners and thus it is very obvious that only proper optimization of content, good advertisement and excellent content can deliver traffic.


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