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Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 18th, 2013


Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance:

It has been seen that searcher locality influence regular search results for nearly every query. As this location is auto-detected and therefore, it is not possible to omit it from a search. You will be able to change it to another location within your nation.

Even very generic searches are affected in different ways. Due to this reason, local links are getting more importance also when it comes about your important keywords. In order to dominate a search theme for every visitor from different location, you should add city-specific pages and texts to your website which will enhance your chances.

So, what is the meaning of local link building and how can you acquire locally relevant links? Let’s find out.

Indulge in local building to get location relevance:

It is pertinent to address location relevance city-by-city. There are some cities which have a positive impact on their neighbouring cities and therefore, it is important to first focus on the larger cities. When you decide to google for only a city name, you will get results like:

You can copy your strategy on a service in one city with the same service in other city. Some of the examples are-

  1. Sponsor some local events- It is true that bigger events can bring more link value but their sponsorship can become very costly. Smaller events become happy with your sponsorship and they even don’t realize that they have brought some easy to grasp content like local link value for you.
  2. Start buying old campaign websites- Local government gets linked to information campaigns which are no longer active. You should contact the owner and try to get the control over the link value.

Become local:

Even if you are offering your products/services nationwide, Google has made it clear that being local helps in increasing ranking. You should take all necessary steps to cover the most important cities. Take all crucial measures to go local!

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How Website Internal Links Matter in Website SEO?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Internal linking in the website is one of the most popular SEO strategies to be adopted to gain online presence in the digital world. One should take care of certain points, like avoiding unnecessary links, careful pick of keywords, etc to get the best results.

It cannot be denied that every webmaster needs to think over the ways to get the website optimized to get the perfect SEO results. There are few of the common practices that need to be understood in order to optimize the site properly. One of them is internal link that is not complicated, instead overlooked.

The foremost thing that you need to consider is to give the domain a clear structure. It is very important to have right internal linking, as it helps visitors to find their way around more easily. Moreover, it helps search engine to index your web pages in a better way and thus, improves upon the ranking of the site. The web pages, linked internally, are easily indexed and thus, rank high in search results.

In order to make internal links work for you, the structure of the website should be well defined. The point to consider is to have smallest possible number of links between the homepage and individual pages. It facilitates the distribution of link power throughout the entire domain and thus, improves upon the ranking of the pages. Moreover, it should never be ignored that internal links should be used in the simple form, HTML for the best results.

Secondly, internal links should be kept away from the footer of the website. Though these links can be used in footer, but unnecessary internal links should be avoided. The links here can make crawler doubt your intention.

Thirdly, the keywords should be chosen carefully, keeping SEO guidelines in mind. The rules that apply to simple SEO also apply to internal linking. The use of clumsy keywords should be avoided.

Above all, one should not use unfair means to trick search engine give you a high rank. The internal link should be put with main keyword. The unfair tactics would soon reveal your intentions and penalize you for such measures.

Looking into the importance of internal links in bringing in traffic and helping you gain high rank, one should take the needed precautions while using different SEO tactics. Internal links is one of the strategies that would help you give the edge over the competition. Before you hire SEO experts, be sure that they are aware of the right strategies to implement internal links and could bring out the best results. It would be beneficial to the organization in several ways.


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