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Local SEO: Tips for better Ranking in High Competition

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

You own a website. Youhave optimized it with all possible keywords in the most apt places it can be, to locate your website easily. You have structured your website to attract your customers. But still your website doesn’t appear on the first page of any search engine. What is that you are missing? It is “Local SEO”. Essentially it is a sub domain of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is purposefully aimed at promoting and advertising the local small brands.

This local SEOwill mainly focus on search terms which are not in the general search terms. They would require a contrastingly different service framework from those who provide the SEO services India. Mainly because the local business would lack large information technology resources which the other SEO are at a higher ease of accessing. By this the SEO service providers enable the website owners to make right decisions.

In the current economic scene the local businesses need all the resources and help they can get. Usually the local businesses would not have the bigger ad budgets, time or personnel that the bigger market has and demands it very much for a successful running of a business.

The following strategies can be adopted for local SEO or rather secrets to kill the completion:

  1. Links from other commonly visited websites directed to your website. This are called back links. These are the most vital component for any local SEO. This will be seen as increasing the vote of confidence to your website. The more is the trustworthiness of your page is, and the more relevant the content of your page from the back link is, the more your page will increase in the search engine results.
  2. Content in any way is the king of your website. The more unique the content in your webpage is, the more the chances of your page appearing in the front page results. When the content is more interesting, useful, funny or at least controversial, you have created link bait. These are those contents others would like to share it and thus your site’s reach is increased automatically. Search engines first look for those common links shared by many.
  3. Doing enough research on the target audience will immensely help in knowing the needs and will help you in structuring your website in a better way. Proposing guest posts on hot topics on the web will increase your chances sky high.
  4. Having a personal voice is the most important gift that the small businesses have. To add trust and to showcase your authority in the market, you need to have a strong personalized voice. Usually recommendations have an upper hand while comparing with features and benefits. The more your product is recommended the more is the chance of selling it. For that you need to make your voice heard. Making it more personal helps you to make them recommend more.
  5. Internal linking adds lot of value to your site. More than the sites maps, related products and posts engage the visitors and make them feel easy to compare your product with the product in the bigger market. Your navigations schema should route them to your complete content. By this they will be able to decide easily.
  6. Make your website listed in the online directories. Especially the one’s related to your industry. By this you create an edge over other sites which are not listed. Those online directories will list your products in more than one category and will enable a back link to your website. This helps your target customers to reach to your website more easily than before.

Thus local SEO benefit of a website with proper back links, having link bait, and more importantly listed in the online directory will help the website to be more trusted.

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