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Mobile Savvy Moms- Contemporary Moms Are Making Use Of Mobile Devices To Make Shopping Payment

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013



Due to shortage of time, today’s moms are relying more on mobile devices to streamline shopping and to save money, says eMarketer study.

Today’s moms feel it difficult to keep a close tab on spending and due to the lack of time, they find it a daunting task to get everything done. Due to this, they’re more exploring the online option and are going in the web world for help, according to the study done by a new eMarketer, titled, ‘“Mom Shoppers: Using Digital to Keep Their Heads Above Water” Many are using mobile devices, especially their smart phones, in order to save both their time and money in the shopping quests. Various studies have conducted to understand the attitudes of mobile moms that markets can effectively use to reach to people.

Moms are a viable target audience that uses mobile phones in different phases of the shopping process:

It is recommended for marketers to be low-key while doing marketing for moms and make use of simple messaging only that doesn’t ask much of their phone time.

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