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ECommerce Business Owners also think about Mobile Shopping as a new sales channels

Monday, May 13th, 2013



Nowadays, more and more people are using smart phones to access e-commerce website. Smart phones are playing major role in increasing revenues. Read on to find out how e-commerce owners can use smart-phones in their favour.

Mobile Shopping- A New Sales Channel For E-commerce Owners

In today’s fast paced life, everything has undergone a change. Even the way the world shops has also witnessed a major change. Traditionally, people used to visit local utility/grocery shops but after the advent of internet, shopping has turned for modernity. The use of computer has become popular among people due to the fact that they can buy items even by sitting in the comfort zone of their house. Now, the advancement in technology has made smart phone a popular choice for buying things online.

The popularity of smart-phone is increased due to below reasons-

How e-commerce owners can benefit from smart-phone?

E-commerce owners have the clear understanding of the use of smart phones and therefore, have created user-friendly interface to support it. However, most people still fear carrying out any online transaction. The advantages far outweigh the risks. Lets’ have a look on some of the benefits-

1.Reaching out to wide range of clients- Thanks to the internet, the world has become a global village, as a result, an e-commerce web page can reach out to worldwide clients. By enabling a mobile feature on your e-commerce website, you can give an easy access to smart phone users, which in turn increase the profit.

2. Payment through third party- An e-commerce website usually come along with a feature of third party payment plan like paypal, which in turn gives its owners and clients an easy way to make payments. Due to the use of smart phones in e-commerce, you are no longer required to go from one store to another as you can do shopping at one click of the mouse.

How e-commerce websites can help smart-phones users-

Smart-phone devices are most commonly used by young people to buy things online but elderly people are also using phones for internet access. Some of the benefits it gives to customers are detailed below-

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