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Next Generation Website Architecture to Create SEO Friendly Website

Monday, May 6th, 2013



In order to improve upon the online presence in today’s digital world, the site architecture should be looked into such it caters to the future needs. Content, accessibility and social media are three important considerations that could help your get the best next generation site architecture.

The search engine has helped a lot in searching organizations, people and the needed information. Looking into the ease offered, website designers are looking for site architecture that could suit the needs of next generation. The way searchers adopt to search you is one of the hottest topics in this mobile world. Thus, building a site that fulfils current and future media challenges is crucial.

When it comes to architecture, there are three important considerations: traditional architecture like those in real world, including building and skyscrapers, informational architecture that consists of concepts and data and the last, digital realm architecture that include actual design of digital services and experience. Here, we would talk about the digital architecture.

Let’s focus at few of the things to consider before defining next generation site architecture in order to improve upon the mobile presence.

Here, the architecture does not refer to a list of pages or site map, instead the design that includes deep level of sharing and conversation to drive user engagement.

Thus, next generation site structure focuses on social media, content and accessibility. Looking into the expansion of mobile world, the mobile site architecture should also be taken care of. The mobile site should be separated from desktop site. It should have responsive web design and dynamic serving.

Before designing any of these site structures, the keyword visibility should be checked. The keywords should be prioritized. Speed should be checked out.

Switchboard tags on mobile URLs should be encouraged to avoid cloaking issues for different content on different devices. HTTP header should be used with dynamic serving. Googlebot from mobile site should be blocked. Thus, all important parameters should be considered before designing next generation site architecture.



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