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Online Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Owners – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013



The online marketing strategy for restaurant owners is as important as menu, staff and customers. After all, a good online marketing concept can not only earn more bucks but also helps in expanding customer base. Read on the article to know about some vital tips which can help in creating a good online marketing strategy for a restaurant.

Online Marketing Strategy for Restaurants Owners:

Creating a well-planned online marketing strategy isn’t a simple task, especially for restaurateurs whose majority of time and effort is focused on what’s happening in the kitchen. Any restaurateur will likely agree that having a good website is imperative in today’s digitalized world but most of them are facing difficulty in building a good online image. Here are some simple tips that any restaurant owner can follow to improve and strengthen their online marketing strategy:

1) Create mobile supporting websites- Restaurateurs who are spending millions of dollars in creating designer websites with impressive flash content and moving button, is just digging a hole for themselves if those websites don’t work on mobile phones. It has been now proved that majority of people are using mobile phones for accessing internet, therefore, restaurant owners should create simple websites that can work effortlessly on mobile devices and are easy to update.

2) Online posting of menus- The first thing which diners look for while searching for restaurant information online is the food menu. So, make sure that your menus are not only posted on your website, they should also be posted on other sites also, like,, etc. Posting your menus in the dining section of any local newspaper is also a good idea to increase reachability.

3) Solicit anonymous feedback from people- Many times, restaurant owners fail to understand the quality of service that their staff is providing. Was a customer’s experience good or dismal? Was the food matched their expectations? You should resort to anonymous ways of collecting honest customer feedback, either through text messages or online. By doing so, restaurateur can easily figure out what is working in their favour and where it is required to do some improvement.

4) Benefit from social media- Social media sites, such as twitter, facebook, should form the part of any local restaurant’s online marketing strategy. Restaurant owners can use facebook for posting photos of their dishes and ask customers about their favourites. Similarly, on twitter, you can tweet links of the photos which you have posted on facebook and can occasionally use the medium for posting cooking tips. In this way, you can show your expertise and can keep people engaged.

5) Finally, surprise people- Give the feel of exclusivity to your internet users by providing freebies to only those people who online avail your services. It’s a proven strategy to bolster your presence in the internet world. You will be amazed at how a free soft drink with meal or buy one, take one dessert free, like freebies will encourage number of people enjoying your services.


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