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How Rich snippets appear in your website?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Snippet is a description of or an excerpt from the webpage. Snippet consists of the webpage title and URL along with description. Rich snippets were initially created for reviews and peoples profile. Later, rich snippets can also be used with events, products, videos, recipes and business listings. Usually we find rich snippets in the search results shown as light grey or as a star rating, between the hyperlink and the shot description in search results.

A snippet varies every time with the same brand or product. To enhance the user experience, some terms in the snippets are bold as these are the keywords searched by the user. The content of the snippet depends on various factors such as webpage content, Meta description tag, a mix of both content and Meta description, open directory description. A search result actually contains more than a description. A visitor can see a lot of data on the search engine result page.

Rich snippets are useful for webmasters with the structured content. If the information in the snippets increases, it becomes easier for the visitor to decide the usefulness of the webpage. Once you setup your website, ensure that the Meta description is in place. The webpage content should always be relevant to the title. Now observe your website’s snippet in the SERPS. Over period of time, you will learn how to handle the snippets and in turn it provides better data to the visitors.

For the non technical heeded, Rich snippets makes it possible to label the information’s within the source code of that particular website. These website source codes are in Microdata, Microformat or RDFa format. This information represents certain type of data. Even you can verify that whether you have entered the correct code within your site using the Rich snippets testing tool which is offered by Google.

Lots of different kinds of information are included in Microdata. With this Micodata, people can know where your business is located at a glimpse. When you have a highly rated business means, then the information is in Microformats. If you have five star rating on the main page of your search engine results will be eye- catching. You might also use RDFa format to provide information on upcoming events. People do not like to miss the events, so this will add a sense of immediate intuitive awareness to your site.

RDFa format shows that your company is on the cutting edge. Rich snippets set themselves immediately apart from their neighbors in search engine results. More information is there that draws an eye immediately. When it uses Microdata, even if your result is not on top, the viewer might be drawn to it.

Things move fast in this digital world. Anyone who is not using micro formats suddenly looks out dated and less relevant. Using RDFa rich snippets is a very visual way to set yourself apart from your competitors. It shows to your customers that you are up to date on the latest technology.


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