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Maximize Your Search Retargeting Strategy

Monday, February 25th, 2013


Retargeting is one of the growing techniques. It brings better results for advertisers. In order to have maximum search retargeting, one should keep in mind few tips, like never haunting visitors, never retargeting them twice, avoid confused retargeting, etc.

The use of data to re-target searches with relevant ads is getting much in demand. It is because retargeting brings in better results for advertisers. A large number of marketers are performing retargeting techniques without knowing about ins and outs of the same. Though retargeting correct lots of mistakes, but it is important to know its whereabouts. Let’s discuss few of the tips to maximize search retargeting.

Never haunt your visitors: It is very annoying, as a user to get haunted by sites. It is not at all enticing. In case of retargeting, a marketer should set maximum time period for advertisement of particular service or product. Retargeting for extended time period can damage users’ opinion about the brand.

Never Retarget Twice: In attempt to achieve the desired results, companies might offer more than one retargeting solutions. It is never advisable to do so. Use of multiple retargeting vendors might lead to competition against each other to serve ad to the visitors. It can waste lot of money.

Avoid Confuse Retargeting With Site Retargeting: Site retargeting is the most popular type of retargeting that should be focused at targeted ads to users, who have already visited your site. In addition to site retargeting, there are different types of them, such as SEO, email, contextual, social, engagement and search. Search retargeting is also an important area to be looked into. It is the practice of targeting users with display ads, based on keywords used in search engine.

Avoid Retargeting Everyone: all visitors are not equal. It should be assessed whom to target. Data points should be used to create a picture of site visitors to be retargeted. This technique is called PSR, Programmatic Site Retargeting. Here, the data points should focus at referral data, shipping address, page viewed, etc. It allows marketers to assign a score to the visitors.

Never Ignore View: Through Conversion: It is beyond doubt that marketers depend on clicks, as they are easy to estimate. However, there are a large number of users who never click on the ads, but just click them unintentionally. Small marketers focus at view-through conversion, which tracks users who convert after watching ads, they never clicked on. The marketers should set standard for themselves to give view-through attributions.

All these points when pondered over carefully can help you maximize search retargeting. Retarget the right customer with the right approach and you would definitely improve upon the outcome.


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