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Importance of SEO And SMM in The Success of Your Online Business

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Since e its inception, search engine has been constantly evolving and
it will keep on developing in near future also with the introduction
of new strategies and ideas. Whether you are a SEO guy or a content
writer, it is important that you understand this thing. Similarly, it
becomes important that you understand the advancing nature of SEO.
Moreover, it is also crucial to take notice of new emerging concepts
and one such is social media marketing. In order to create a viable
SEO campaign, it is necessary that you understand how actually social
media works and how to leverage it for SEO benefits.

Choose right social network

As all human beings are different, similarly all social networks are
not same. Each social network is created by using keeping target
audience in mind and with a different concept. For instance, Linkedin
is used more for professional audience, while Facebook has different
audience. It is inevitable for SEO experts to grasp the concept behind
all these networks and use each of them according to their strengths.

Social media marketing vs SEO marketing services

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two pivotal
areas of internet marketing. To bring success to your online business,
it is important to have both of them. Any concept that helps in
bringing more audience should be given more value. When different
search engines provide ranking to your website, they consider
different factors. With the increase in social network, different
social networking sites have started taking account them while ranking
different sites.

Coexistence of SEO and SMM is imperative

In the current scenario if you want a website to market properly in
the online world, both SEO and SMM should work hand in hand. Even SEO
experts have understood that social media plays an important role in
the search engine process. With the judicious use of SEO, you will
find a rise in your ranking and you can find your site on the first
page of the search engine. You need to work hard to keep the ranking
on the top page of the search engine. The main function of SEO is to
bring your website to the top position and SMM will help in keeping
your position intact. Your main motive is to bring your website on the
top of position and for doing so, it is crucial to have the
coexistence of SEO and SMM.

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A Viable Strategic SEO Approach For New Clients

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

If you are planning to start a new SEO project or is interested in checking the progress of ongoing projects, it is useful to follow the below approach.

1. Do the Keyword Research Brainstorming-

It is possible to start doing your keyword researching by doing a lot of brainstorming. You can involve your clients and take their suggestions also because in this way, you will be able to get their views. Also, companies tend to think from an industry point of view and choose those keywords that their potential clients never use.

2. Search Volume - 

Make use of Google’s adword planner to search for most suitable keywords which have high search volume. Even you can search for new keywords ideas.

Check  Conversion Rrates

You should then add do estimations for conversion rate and value which will help in making your search volumes more useful for strategic choices. If no concurrent data is available, then you can do it on a guessing work also, like guess top 5 keywords which are more relevant to your services.

Test Crucial Assumptions

It is important that keywords from your research should be having high search volume and high conversion rate with a discrete amount of efforts.

Do A Relevance Test

It is advised to do conversion rate assumptions on the basis of conversion rates, which you already have on your current search traffic. If you are not clear about those certain keywords that are similar enough to current traffic, then you should use Adwords traffic which will allow you to test your message and also landing page on different real searchers.

The conversion rate on your search ad is a nice idea to test your message. The bounce rate on a landing page tells whether the visitor like your page or not. Moreover, every click towards the potential conversion helps in increasing the quality and value of the search traffic.

3. Formulate Growth Strategy - 

For step 1 & 2 keywords, the viable strategy would be to create the required number of pages or integrate keywords in existing pages. It is important to judiciously use keyword combinations because that will boost your writing and link building efforts.

However, if you find abundant keywords in your above two steps which need to be addressed, then you should start creating pages for those. It is important to note that you should always use those keywords which you can rank along with your current links. Link building is easy to earn once you have written, relevant and SEO friendly content that includes all important keywords.

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What is SEO and What is the current rule of Google for SEO

Friday, December 16th, 2011

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is said to be the process of enhancing the visibility of a particular website in various search engines. The more a website appears in the search engine results, the more it becomes easier for the visitors to have a look at it which thereby results in getting more traffic towards that site.

According to Internet World Stats, global internet users has reached nine zeros number and is still increasing at the rate 400% as compared to last year 2010. Until and unless you have made your business a brand name like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, your chance to be known and get business are minimal without the help of Search Engine Optimization – SEO.

Google has recently announced some changes in their algorithm for SEO which tends to eliminate some sites that don’t fit into the criteria. People who tend to copy things from other websites and post it in their websites and earn money have been completely stopped by this new algorithm of Google for SEO. Duplicate website content found in the Google search results has been stopped. All those copied and unoriginal content from most websites have been cracked down.

Recently Google webmaster had posted that any website which often copies content from other websites to gain popularity in the search results and also to get traffic will be removed permanently from the index of Google. These new rules will surely be a heavy blow to those who have been indulging themselves in such unreliable and misleading activities. Yet these rules will be of great help to companies that provide real content to their customers. Original and quality content with relevant keywords that are not added to the content forcefully is said to rank high in Google from now onwards.

Be fresh, be new, be innovative, be relevant! Businesses who post only original and high quality content on their website are said to have more chances to succeed with these new rules of Google.

Internet Marketing is all about SEO. This article explains the need of SEO and the current rule of Google for SEO.


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