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A Viable Strategic SEO Approach For New Clients

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

If you are planning to start a new SEO project or is interested in checking the progress of ongoing projects, it is useful to follow the below approach.

1. Do the Keyword Research Brainstorming-

It is possible to start doing your keyword researching by doing a lot of brainstorming. You can involve your clients and take their suggestions also because in this way, you will be able to get their views. Also, companies tend to think from an industry point of view and choose those keywords that their potential clients never use.

2. Search Volume - 

Make use of Google’s adword planner to search for most suitable keywords which have high search volume. Even you can search for new keywords ideas.

Check  Conversion Rrates

You should then add do estimations for conversion rate and value which will help in making your search volumes more useful for strategic choices. If no concurrent data is available, then you can do it on a guessing work also, like guess top 5 keywords which are more relevant to your services.

Test Crucial Assumptions

It is important that keywords from your research should be having high search volume and high conversion rate with a discrete amount of efforts.

Do A Relevance Test

It is advised to do conversion rate assumptions on the basis of conversion rates, which you already have on your current search traffic. If you are not clear about those certain keywords that are similar enough to current traffic, then you should use Adwords traffic which will allow you to test your message and also landing page on different real searchers.

The conversion rate on your search ad is a nice idea to test your message. The bounce rate on a landing page tells whether the visitor like your page or not. Moreover, every click towards the potential conversion helps in increasing the quality and value of the search traffic.

3. Formulate Growth Strategy - 

For step 1 & 2 keywords, the viable strategy would be to create the required number of pages or integrate keywords in existing pages. It is important to judiciously use keyword combinations because that will boost your writing and link building efforts.

However, if you find abundant keywords in your above two steps which need to be addressed, then you should start creating pages for those. It is important to note that you should always use those keywords which you can rank along with your current links. Link building is easy to earn once you have written, relevant and SEO friendly content that includes all important keywords.

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