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Why Does SEO Take Time To Show Results?

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013



SEO is a time consuming technique that helps business gain online presence. One needs to follow definite strategy and analyze competition for the success of the business. Content marketing, guest posting, social media, etc are few of the techniques that one should ponder over.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that helps business gaining online presence. At one end, where it brings in targeted traffic, while at other end, it builds brand. However, one of the major points to ponder over while dealing with SEO services is patience. The results come up with time. There would be your competitors, who would be ranking high in SERPs and it may take enough time to analyze competition. Every SEO analyst needs time to understand the current ranking and traffic of the website.

There are several competitive analysis tools to evaluate the level of competition in the domain. It can also be judged by SEO traffic value displayed on search pages. Depending upon the needs and demands of the industry, a strategy should be designed to check out if long-term tail keyword should be optimized.

One should also be aware of the sites used by competitors for backlinks. There are few sites that are commonly used by all competitors for rank-boosting backlinks. A well organized database could be helpful in knowing the position of website on basis of different targeted keywords. Likewise, one should also develop link profile to know from where links are coming up. It is important to keep up the records and asses them carefully to get the best results.

The natural links or the high-quality links are crucial for the robust foundation to SEO. In order to get these links,SEO service provider should ensure that proper techniques should be taken care of. The right strategy designed could be helpful in linger run. Techniques, like social media, paid link replacement, guest posting, quality content, link bartering etc should be used in procuring links. Whatsoever method adopted, these link acquisition techniques can take time to produce result. Furthermore, it is important to have proper image optimization, taking care of right usage of different tags and needed descriptions.

Google also trust speed. Links gained quickly could suspect the site for penalty. The fair means adopted are always time consuming. Another important way to get good quality link is sharing of informative articles and reviews. Social media can further be helpful in spreading the awareness and in turn, getting the quality links. Nowadays, social media has turned out to be the recipe for success. Thus, if you SEO agency are taking time to come up with result, it is good for the growth of your business. Above all, we should not forget that slow and steady wins the race.


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Factors to Consider While Choosing SEO Company

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Choosing the right SEO Company can make a big difference in the amount of traffic which you are getting on your website. It is necessary to judiciously select a SEO company by taking varied factors into consideration.

The concept of web marketing has gained huge popularity in the contemporary world. It is due to this reason that varied businesses are seeking to avail SEO services with an aim to improvise their search engine ranking. While, selecting the SEO Company, one should act cautiously in order to make sure that you have made a right choice. But you are required to devote sufficient time and effort while selecting the best SEO Company. There are varied companies which are offering SEO services but it is not an easy task to find the reliable SEO Company.

The entire process of finding the right SEO company will become easy if you have a substantial knowledge of web marketing as you can decide whether the goals of SEO company are realistic or not. But even if you are not familiar to SEO practices, below is a list with some vital points to watch for when selecting a SEO company:

Do SEO companies promise to guarantee top ranking?- If they do then you have a valid reason to doubt on their competencies as no SEO expert can guarantee a No.1 ranking in Google and it goes with not so competitive words also.

Consult your friends, business partners, etc.- Word of mouth plays a crucial role in knowing the credibility of a company.

Ask in forums- There are various reputed Web master forums, so if you are unable to find somebody who can recommend you a SEO company right away then you should take the help of Web master forums. However, it is not sure that all content on these forum posts will be true; therefore, you should take their view with a grain of salt.

Take the help of internet- If the company is involved in some fraudulent activities then there are chances that you will find lot of information about it on the internet. However, lack of negative publicity does not mean that the particular company is doing well.

Ask for their previous assignments- Feel free to ask your potential SEO Company about different websites which they have optimized and references of their clients. If the shows reluctance in citing details of their former clients because of confidentiality reasons, then this should ring analarming bell about the credibility of the particular company.

Check the page ranking of the company’s website- If the SEO Company can’t optimize their own website to get a page rank over 4 then they are not worth hiring.

Ask the company what keywords/phrases their site ranks for. If they don’t rank well on for their own chosen keywords then they are hardly as professional as they pretend to be.

Do they use automated method of submissions? If yes, stay away from such companies as search engines can ban you for doing automated submissions.

Ask tricky questions- Using tricky questions work like a double-edged sword, especially if you are not the expert in the web marketing. But there are some easy questions which can certainly prove useful to you. For instance, you might ask the company in how many search engines they will automatically submit their website. If they are spammers then they will use all tricks to impress you with big numbers. But in this case, the best reply would be ‘no automatic submission’.

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