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How “Much” Time and Money Should Be Spend on SEO strategy? – EBriks Infotech

Monday, November 25th, 2013

How “Much” Time and Money Should Be Spend on SEO strategy?

Nearly every business today must have the clear information on how much amount should be spend on search engine optimization (SEO). It is imperative to have a viable online marketing strategy as it helps in improving the website ranking and thus helps in surviving in the web-driven world. The question which arises is, “how much amount should we spend on SEO”? Keep reading on to know all the information that you may be needed to take the right decision, plus some important tips on how SEO agencies work so that you can easily create an important partnership with the online company.

Different SEO payment models-

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the payment models which are adopted by SEO agencies. Usually, SEO companies offer below main forms of payment and services.

Monthly payment model-

In this model, clients are needed to pay a certain fee each month in exchange for the agreed-upon wide array of services. It is the most common payment model as it offers high ROI. Usually, SEO agency offers regular analytic reports, link building, press releases, keyword optimization services, etc.

Contract service type model-

Usually, all SEO companies provide contract services. The services that are offered by an SEO agency are often advertised on the website, along with a price.

Project based type model-

Here, pricing is custom-built. For instance, the local bakery shop may ask an SEO agency to help them in their online marketing. The client wants the SEO company to establish its online presence in the market. Here, the SEO agency and the local bakery shop owner will decide on the cost and scope of the SEO plan.

Hourly based model- As the name itself connotes, the SEO agency charges hourly in exchange for receives.

 Red Flags Things:

To protect yourself from unethical practices of SEO agencies, read and heed-

Guarantees= Due to the constant changing algorithms of google, no SEO firm can provide guarantees.

Promise of instant results= True, some SEO tactics can produce instant results by gaming the system. However, be warned that these can hurt you negatively in the long run. Those SEO practices that often give instant results, are completely against the web master guidelines. Google penalizes these techniques, resulting in the lost ranking that can take several months to recover.

Link building services= Link building is crucial to the success of any SEO plan. But there’s a dark side of link building also. Incoming links from distrust or illegal website may actually lower your website ranking. Before hiring an SEO agency, it is important to check that their link building services are ethical and white label. It is also useful to ask them from where they will earn links for your business.

Points to keep in mind:

SEO is a time consuming process. Aggressive campaigns may push your website ranking but the most enduring SEO results only come from the long-term relationship.

SEO is a constant changing world and therefore, your rankings will also change. The search engine ranking will rise and fall with the changing algorithms. You may need to constantly put your efforts in ranking your website high on search engine.

It is always a nice idea to hire a SEO agency to improve website ranking. Even an employee who has a considerable knowledge of SEO will be hard-pressed to impart the level of services and excellence which can be found in the SEO agency. You’ll find it difficult to get the same level of ROI that you would get by hiring the SEO agency.

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