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Are You a Start-up website? Follow SEO checklist

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Are You a Start-up website? Follow SEO checklist:

Start ups have lot of things to consider, like staffing, overhead expenditures, paperwork, etc., and all these in a short span of time. While, entrepreneurs may have a knack of understanding of their respective areas of fields and may even have a considerable knowledge about conducting business online, it’s unlikely that they will be worried about SEO work. Putting best SEO practices in place early on can generate dividends in the future.

For new websites, it is important to ensure that SEO people are searching your business’s name and are easily able to find your website. As the SEO results take time, so it is better to start it sooner than later. Below mentioned is a check list of useful SEO tips for a new start up website-

Extensive keyword research-

On page optimization-

Check content-


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7 Quick Tips to Keep Your SEO On Track in 2012

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It is always necessary to take a look at your SEO strategies in order to assess carefully and make required changes according to the market. Hence, you must have a continuous effort to acquire success in business. The success of any SEO basically depends on the benchmarks that have been set for it. One must compare the SEO achievements every now and then in order to assess the improvements. In the eve of this New Year, it is necessary to assess the SEO scenario of your business and analyse it by comparing with previous year performances.


1. KPIs and the mission:

First of all, visit again and review the company’s mission and KPIs. You must be aware of the site’s goals and whether you have been able to get it or not. You must on track towards your goals.

2. Use the Google Analysis tool to check the site’s annotations:

Your plans and the site must be always organized and avoid unnecessary notations through emails for taking SEO initiatives. This saves a lot of time.

3. Recheck the link profile mentioned by you:

Go through the text counts that have been able to attract traffic to your website. These are called as anchor text. You must fetch the non-anchor texts and replace them with anchor texts. These are the keywords that describe your website.

4. Review the keywords set for the website:

Tools such as Google webmaster play an important role in helping you to assess the keywords for your site and detect their variations from the website itself. Using such a tool will give an impression about what the Google knows about the website and its content.

5. Review the links in the internal pages:

The same tool, Google webmaster can be used to review the links in the internal pages. This will show you the newly added page links by you. Doing this, you will be able to find out few pages that might be more important than other web pages.

6. Have you used the perfect keywords for the website?

Enter into your website and review it carefully. Check whether you have used the right keywords for your web pages properly. Reviewing the keywords will make you know whether the web pages are properly ranked or not. Check for new contents such as images or texts and compare them with your keywords for better performance of the website. Sometimes the keywords are very similarly given which confuses the search engines. Each and every web page should have different keywords.

7. Validation by W3C

Sometimes, to bring changes to your website, you might have to ask for designers and developers to intervene and make necessary changes. But while doing this you must run a W3C which validates the website codes and retains the same download time for the web pages.


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