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How my ranking goes down when my site server downtime?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The reasons for site server downtime may not be particular and same for all websites. The performance of the website is a very important factor whether you may use it for selling products online or to use it just for online presence. The hosting companies are the one who take care of the website uptime for many websites owned by the business people. But in most of the cases, the web hosting companies do not guarantee cent percent uptime for website since there are many factors that lead the website to go down.
There are many factors reasonable for the server downtime, also there is no necessary that all the factors are same for all the websites. They may change from one website to another. There are some common factors which cause downtime like planned downtime by web hosts, an unexpected component failure, and natural calamities. Planned downtime problem occurs when the web hosts do some tasks like upgrading server, hardware and software applications. During such tasks, the websites hosted by the corresponding server will go down. Once the tasks are over, then the website becomes normal. The complex hardware and software design is one of the reasons for the failure of server downtime. It is due to programming bugs, virus attacks, corruptions of file and more. Malicious attacks are the most common reason for the unavailability of the websites. Attacks of international hackers, use of malicious software are some of the reasons for the server downtime. The damages to the hardware components can also lead to server downtime. When the hardware components are attacked by the hurricanes, cyclones, it may cause trouble in server downtime.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the site server may face downtime. Impact of website downtime will lead to the negative remark in your online business. Site loading time is one of the important ranking factors in Google search results. If a customer finds that the website is not loading properly, then he/ she will not visit again the same website. Therefore, there will be significant reduction in the traffic of the website. Page rank is an important factor in Google webpage ranking. Also Google evaluates the age of the website and display it accordingly in the web page results. If the website is operated for a long time, then it will have better rank.

At some point of time, every website may encounter the problem of server downtime. Therefore constant monitoring of the performance and functioning of the website should be done by the website owners. However, it is a difficult job because it requires professional expertise in the field of monitoring the performance of the website. Hiring a professional website monitoring servicing company is advised. Many online business owners think that server downtime is a small issue and do not have a great concern about the issue. But downtime is not negligible as it has adverse impacts and also leaves a negative impression on the customer which in turn affects the growth of the business. So before it erodes the customer, one should get thorough knowledge about downtime of the site and conclude the issue soon.

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Build Your Online Brand with Social Media Optimization

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

If you want your website to be the beneficiary of instant exposure and increase inbound links, social media optimization (SMO) can help you in endless ways.

A subset of search engine optimizationsocial media optimization (SMO) is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among business owners and online marketers. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that SMO is extremely useful to create more visibility for a business and its website using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hubpages, Digg, Squidoo, Blogger, Delicious, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of social media optimization is that an online business can easily drive traffic to its website through RSS feeds, social news, and sharing buttons. Moreover, SMO tools and techniques such as commenting on other blogs, participating in discussion groups, blogging, and status update postings on social networking profiles can be highly useful in generating awareness about an online business. This improved awareness can then be used to create demand for the products and services offered by the business and improve search engine rankings.

If that was not all, social media optimization techniques can be used for encouraging internet users to bookmark site pages and participate in community groups. Furthermore, SMO is also useful to create fresh, appealing, and relevant content that can encourage site visitors to become regular customers and promote the site to family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

In addition to all these advantages, search engines such as Google have already started crawling data from SMO-enriched and supported sites and many sites have already benefited from improved search rankings. Social media optimization can even be used for generating thousands of quality inbound links from a website in a short span of time and helping a business build brand equity in quick time. This affordable yet highly effective marketing strategy is also beneficial for promoting high and quick returns on investments. The best part is that SMO results can easily be measured and quantified.

In short, social media optimization could be the integral part of your online marketing strategy as it is extremely useful to create awareness and recognition for your business and its site. In addition to that, SMO will also help your site become a beneficiary of hundreds and thousands of inbound links from high ranking sites.

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