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Impact of Social Media on Travel Industry – EBriks Infotech

Friday, May 10th, 2013

social media has turned out to be a remarkable tool for various industries. Travel industry can take advantage of various opportunities offered to it by social media.

Social media has offered people and industries the new platform to interact and spread the marketing message. Likewise, it is redefining the travel industry that is using different means to reach customers. Travel industry is using articles, blogs, twitter, facebook and other social channels to transmit message to prospects in a cost-effective manner.  It has also been found useful to boost sales and engage customers to permit them to share their feedback. This platform can also be used for customer services.

Social media is becoming a new marketing channel and allowing individuals to communicate, share information and form communities online. It includes social networking, users’ reviews, blogs, syndicated videos, etc that are growing at fast pace and is expected to become one of the largest interactive marketing spend category over couple of years. Like every industry, travel companies are taking benefit of this channel to effectively communicate with target audience. Moreover, many of these sites have become one stop shop for large segment of people who want to socialize online.

Let’s discuss few of the opportunities given by social media to travel industry:

In addition to it, social media also offer sales benefits, by providing companies new ways to interact, share and understand their customers. In order to take advantage of the same, the companies are incorporating social media into their traditional sale process. Above all, it helps them find new prospects and engage them in meaningful conversation.

Social media has also turned out to be a platform for customer service, as customers can directly share their feedback about the product or service and can easily communicate information. Thus, it helps travel industry to create value for their business in numerous ways.


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