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Importance of SEO And SMM in The Success of Your Online Business

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Since e its inception, search engine has been constantly evolving and
it will keep on developing in near future also with the introduction
of new strategies and ideas. Whether you are a SEO guy or a content
writer, it is important that you understand this thing. Similarly, it
becomes important that you understand the advancing nature of SEO.
Moreover, it is also crucial to take notice of new emerging concepts
and one such is social media marketing. In order to create a viable
SEO campaign, it is necessary that you understand how actually social
media works and how to leverage it for SEO benefits.

Choose right social network

As all human beings are different, similarly all social networks are
not same. Each social network is created by using keeping target
audience in mind and with a different concept. For instance, Linkedin
is used more for professional audience, while Facebook has different
audience. It is inevitable for SEO experts to grasp the concept behind
all these networks and use each of them according to their strengths.

Social media marketing vs SEO marketing services

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two pivotal
areas of internet marketing. To bring success to your online business,
it is important to have both of them. Any concept that helps in
bringing more audience should be given more value. When different
search engines provide ranking to your website, they consider
different factors. With the increase in social network, different
social networking sites have started taking account them while ranking
different sites.

Coexistence of SEO and SMM is imperative

In the current scenario if you want a website to market properly in
the online world, both SEO and SMM should work hand in hand. Even SEO
experts have understood that social media plays an important role in
the search engine process. With the judicious use of SEO, you will
find a rise in your ranking and you can find your site on the first
page of the search engine. You need to work hard to keep the ranking
on the top page of the search engine. The main function of SEO is to
bring your website to the top position and SMM will help in keeping
your position intact. Your main motive is to bring your website on the
top of position and for doing so, it is crucial to have the
coexistence of SEO and SMM.

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How To Make Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013



Social media is a known term for almost all kind of businesses. But lots of them have failed to use the power of social media for building strong customer base. Read on the article to know some of the useful tips which you should follow in order to get maximum benefits from social media marketing.

How To Make Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms have created a perfect way for companies to reach out to the masses.

Learn how to use social media marketing wisely to benefit your business with the help of below tips-

Take the next step with social media with these great idea to make your social media marketing approach successful

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How To Measure Social Media Marketing ROI?

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Measuring social media ROI is a head-scratcher process for most of the businesses. EBriks Inftech has come up with some different ways through which you can measure social media marketing ROI.

How To Measure Social Media Marketing ROI?

Measuring social media ROI is always remain a top-of-the mind subject for most of the business owners. Social media demands time, careful planning, scheduling and organizing of all available resources. Whatever is posted online, needs to be properly produced and carefully organized in an ongoing effort to keep the content fresh and usable for people. To measure anything, a benchmark or objective is critical. To get desired results, you must first define success. Similarly, for measure yoursocial media marketing ROI, first you identify exactly what your plans are and what you want to get. Is it to increase your market share or to get more exposure to your brand? So, it is necessary to first define your intended outcome. Let’s take a look at how to measure social media marketing ROI of your business and some of the tools which you can use for the same.


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