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How Thin Content Can Hurt Your Ecommerce Business? Know How to Fix It?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013



How Thin Content Can Hurt Your Ecommerce Business? Know How to Fix It?

Google as well as other search engine are laying more stress on good content that could pass in valuable information to the readers. Thus, the sites with thin content are not considered beneficial for e-commerce purpose.

Everybody in the field of digital marketing is well aware of the new search algorithms that turned up in market last year and affected the ranking of many sites. Few of these changes or updates brought about by Google laid stress on quality and informative content on the sites. With the first hit of these updates, many businesses were taken off guard and paid SEO companies a large sum of money to help them recover their performance level. These problems become immense, when a brand competes with large retail players or for generic searches on its product lines.

The progress in the growth of ecommerce has also increased the percentage of people doing online shopping. Search engine helps visitors to locate the best places for them to shop a definite product. With the coming of Panda, the new update, it is not just enough to put keywords on the page and call it a day. It prioritizes text content over other attributes and does not reward business using only images for digital marketing. Thus, it has fomented ecommerce websites to focus on content too.

These changes have made it significant for SEO to include content strategy, as an important stepping stone for the growth of its business. Looking into it, one can easily conclude that thin content is a problem and it needs a solution. Now, a page written on any topic needs to squeeze out every attribute to help Google realize the importance of the same.

Let’s throw light on the several ways that can be used to fix this problem.

There should be a paragraph of text copy that should describe the category. Though few sentences may work, but it is advisable to use the mix of keywords. There should be link within paragraph copy that is rich with anchor text linking out to subcategories. It is useful to have internal links, as it helps Google to understand content relationships. There should also be Alt attribute for the image banner to ensure that it is completely described, as Google can’t interpret images. This attribute helps to indicate the image content. Thus, this attribute is counted one among the various ranking factors.

There should be proper breadcrumb navigation to help Google understand site structure and crawl it without hassle. A title tag, H1 tag, etc are few of the other things to ponder over for good ranking of the site.

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