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Tips To Make Videos To Generate More Quality Links

Monday, July 15th, 2013



Videos can proved to be costly and time-consuming investment. Specially for small businesses, the total cost of producing video will always need to weighed against other marketing investments. The sad part of the story is that video is tough to sell, especially when it is a daunting task to predict the ROI from its significant expense.

Let’s find out some useful ways through which you can use videos to augment and enhance link-building activity-

By making use of video as a media type within interactive content-

By making use of YouTube to build links:

Make use of videos for improving and augmenting page types-

Have a viable blogging strategy-

Boost PR activity with video news release

Content type which you are required- Video news releases play useful role in any PR campaign, since they attract interests of journalists. Generally, reporters have shortage of the time and therefore, they cannot add interest element into each story, but with a video release, you can complete the half the work for them. All editors need to do with a video news release is put together a supporting paragraph & then embed the video and click the publish.

Technical implementation required- You should always host your video news releases on YouTube, since most of the websites embed YouTube videos on their website and they also know how to get an embed code from a video on


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