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How to Increase Site Speed by 200% Easily

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

In Google ranking algorithm, site speed and page loading time has become essential components. These factors also decide the search engine ranks of any website. The page load time of a website should be lesser and the visitor of the website should not get irritated by seeing ‘website loading’. This article provides you some useful tips to increase your site speed.

Increase Site Speed

Before trying out the following tips to improve the website speed, you can test your website homepage and other webpage loading speed, so that you can experience the difference later.

Use Content Delivery Network:

Use Content Delivery Network in order to increase the site speed. Some of the popular CDNs are Amazon Cloudfront and MaxCDN. Primarily, CDN is used reduce the load on the server by offloading static resources like CSS, Java scripts. When MaxCDN is employed along with TotalCache, your site will load very fast.

Reduce Sidebar:

Sidebar is one of the reasons for slow loading process of your website. Earlier, there were various sidebar widgets which load whenever your site is opened. This makes a sluggish loading speed of your site. If you look your website theme keenly, you will come across various unessential images and sidebar loading every time. You can remove these unwanted sidebar and other stuffs to enhance your site loading speed.

Use caching plugin:

When you use this plugin, you are reducing the server load as well as increasing the site speed. This important plugin caches your pages as html files and accelerates page delivery to your browser. Some of the most preferred cache plugins are WP-Supercache, QuickCache, W3- TotalCache. Use can any one of the above to improve your site speed.

Reduce Social buttons:

The size of java scripts decides the time taken to load a website. If the size of java script is larger, then the time taken to load the site is also more. You may use Sharebar plugin in your website to load various share button option of from different social networking sites. But this plugin adds more load in the java script and eventually the site speed. You can use only limited and popular sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

Ignore extra comment systems:

Usually, comment systems have a great impact on the webpage loading time, since it needs to load huge scripts and more files. You can find some awesome comment systems like Disqus, IntenseDebate, Facebook Comment systems.  Though they are the most preferred, but WordPress own comments system takes less time to load because of its lightness. But Facebook comments system can be continued to use because everyone uses Facebook now-a-days and it can be a way to bring traffic to your website.

Avoid Gravatars:

Gravatars may look attractive and nice when you use in your website. It may also bring more comments to your site. But the Gravatar images will also be loaded along with the comments. This will definitely make a delay in the loading time of your website.

Load less comment:

Your popular webpage might have received 100 comments. But it is not necessary to load all the comments when your site is loaded. You can load only 5 or 10 comments and can paginate the other. When the user wants to red more comments, he/she can click the page number to read more.

Minimize the file size of Images:

When you go for high quality images, then the size of the image will be higher. You can use these images in your site, but it takes more time to load each and every image. So better, you can use few images of lesser size.


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